The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 7, Number 2 – 1991



M. S. Wald
S. Ranatunga and N. Idrus
Engineering the Skill for Rural Development in Papua New Guinea
M. A. Muspratt and R. M. Robinson
Continuing Education for Engineers in Australia
R. Weiss
Costs and Structures of In-plant Further and Contuing Training in the Federal Republic of Germany
K. A. Tubman
Student Performance on an 'Engineering with French or German' Degree Course
R. H. Barnard
An Integrated Aerospace Engineering Degree
A. K. M. Abdul Haq, F. A. Burney, I. H. Al-Madhoun and S. Huq
Achievement of Engineering Students in their Specialization Fundamentals - An Evaluation
C. Y. Liu
A Compact Mini Smoke Wind Tunnel
A. J. Ghajar and Y. H. Zuriga
Microcomputer-Assisted Heat Transfer Measurement/Analysis in a Circular Tube
H. Shahnasser and W. Kohnenh
A Practical Approach to Introduce Computer Aided Design to Help Teach Electromagnetics
K. Jambunathan, F. Shemirani and B. L. Button
FESTAL, a Finite Element Scheme for Thermal Analysis
A. Maicarelli, F. Mungo and F. S. Nucci
Applied Engineering Education using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
J. T. Sommerfeld
Communication: Trends in Research Rankings of American Chemical Engineering Schools
J. R. Kadambi, A. E. Hribar, P. Cooper, S. Gopalakrishnan, and G. S. Jakubowski
Discussion Forum: Engineering Education Requiremants for the Pump Industry Academic and Industrial Views

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