The International Journal of

Engineering Education


Volume 7, Number 3 1991





M. S. Wald


W. S. Janna and G. S. Jakubowski

A Rating System for Evaluating the Performance of Engineering Faculty

M. N. A. Hawlader, M. H. Abdul Khader,
and A. N. Poo

Tutorials Address Individual Needs of Students in Large-group Teaching

N. Idrus

The Evolution of Systems Management of Engineering Education

N. Vira and L. Thigpen

Computer Assisted Teaching on Robot Pose Error Modeling

S. K. Vajpayee and G. A. Smith

Design of a Lab Course on Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Z. Liang

Kinematic Design of Spatial Mechanisms on the CAD System

R. E. Barr and L. D. Abraham

Computer-Aided Instructional Sequences for Biomechanics of Human Movement

V. K. Arora and V. Choudhry

Integration of Liberal Learning Skills with Engineering Design Skills in Microelectronic Fabrication

A. B. Bulsari and H. T. Toivonen

An Elementary Feasibility Analysis Expert System as a Teaching Aid

P. A. Jacobs and C. M. Gourlay

An Interactive Method-of-Characteristics Program for Gas-Dynamic Calculations