The International Journal of

Engineering Education


Volume 7, Number 6 1991





M. S. Wald


A. Melezinek

Guest Editorial

H. Ursprung

Training Engineers for the Future

F. Paschke

High School (AHS) and University from an Engineers Perspective

J. Schneider

The Position of the Engineer in Society and the Responsibility of Technical Education

K. Hernaut

Recognition of Engineering Qualification in Europe

D. Zoder

Engineer 2000 An Anthropocentric 'Europe-ready' Engineering Education

J. Mericka

Recent Developments in International Co-operation in Higher Education in Czechoslovakia

B. Widmer

Towards a Reform of the Swiss Schools of Engineering

G. Lehmann

Promotion of Talented Students in Engineering Education

M. L Goldschmid

The Training and Professional Success of Engineers: an Empirical Study

L. G. de Steur

FEANI European Federation of National Engineering Associations

P. E. Nuesch

The SEFI, its Structure and its Aims

A. Melezinek

IGIP - Engineers as Teachers

K. L. Modesitt

Computer-based Learning, Expert Systems and Software Engineering: Advanced Tools for Engineering Education Now and in 2001

J. D. Aspnes. C. E. Mayer & B.D. Spell

Future Directions in Electric Power Engineering Education

R. H. Page and L. S. Fletcher

Integrated Instructional Innovation

J. R. Yeargan

International Accreditation of Engineering and Technology Programs

H. Viets and J. Grandin

A Combined Undergraduate Program in Engineering and German

G.Asland and R.H. Page

Women's Role in Engineering

B. Cooper

High Technology Electronics: New Solutions in Continuing Engineering Education

L. V. Baldwin

Satellite Delivery for Distant Learners: The National Technological University

J. S. Boland

Videotape-based Graduate Programs in the U.S.A.

K. Noda

Adapting Engineering Education to Better Serve Japanese Industry

B. V. Koen

A Heuristic Look at the Differences in Engineering Design


Results and Recommendations from the International Symposium 'Ingenieurpadagogik *90 Frontiers in Education W, Wien-Budapest 1990