The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 8, Number 1 1992




M. S. Wald


Engineering Education World News

C. Kuo

Personal View

W. S. Janna and G. S. Jakubowski

A Note on the Philosophy Behind the Evaluation of Faculty

R . C. Jones

Results of the Second International Symposium for Engineering Deans and Industry Leaders

L. S. Fletcher and R. H. Page

A Space Engineering Education Program for the Future

R. Natarajan   and N. V. C. Swamy

The Present Status of Technical Education in India

A. S. Induruwa

Challenges in Developing a Curriculum in Computer Science and Engineering - Sri Lanka's Experience

S. L.   Miller and L.G. Occena

Design andDevelopment of an Expert system for Undergraduate Course Advising

B. Daily, C. Benjamin and C. Riordan

An Advanced Technology Classroom for Engineering Education

K. Yamazaki and S. Miyazawa

A Development of Courseware for Mechatronics Education

M. S. Pereira

Exact Evaluation of Internal Forces for Beam Elements Carrying Uniformly Distributed Loads

J. Adam, J. D. Bakos, Jr. and J. O'Leary

Applications of Image Databases in Engineering Education