The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 8, Number 3 1992




M S Wald


Engineering Education World

A. Brunn

Personal View

C. Kuo

The World Conference on Engineering Education, Portsmouth, September 1992

J S Fairweather and K. Paulson

Teaching and Research in Engineering Education

D.A. Sanders

Management Changes in U.K. Engineering Education

A. A. Sutko

The Effects of Laboratory Group Size on Student Performance

P. M. Nobar.G. McGraih

and S S Tan

Computer Aided Experimentation in Engineering

R. Latorre and Y. Halamura

US -Japan Cooperative Research: Realization of a Six-component Force Sensor FS-2

C. S. Slater

A Graduate Course on Membrane Technology

Ming Rao, H. Qiu, G. R. Dong,  H C. Kim, Y Ying and H. Zhou

PC- Oriented Software for Process Control Education

J. H. Ong

Fatigue of a Demonstration Rig for Unbalanced Reciprocating Forces              

K. T. Chau

PC-aided Electromagnetic Analysis of Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motors

A. Saetta and  R. Vitaliani

The Automatic Computation of Influence Lines