The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 8, Number 4 1993



M. S. Wald


Engineering Education World

M. McMaster

Personal View: Engineering Education in the Future

D. Paulus

The Recognition of German fachhochschulen Degrees Abroad with Reference to Developing Countries

S. A. Napper. K. V. Bertrand and B.L. Robey

REGAD: An Expert System for Registration Advising

J. Rajgopal and B. Bidanda

On the Use of Statistical Design in Manufacturing Engineering

C. R. Thomas

Three Methods for Performing conditional Looping in a spreadsheet

C. Y. Lam

Spreadsheet Approach to Partial Differential Equation Part 1: Elliptic Equation

J. E. Cooling, A. H. Whitfield and G. M. Al-Saddiki

Microprocessor-based Control Systems: System Development in a PC Environment

A. EI-MaJi and K. Y. Kabalan

A CAD Package for the Synthesis pf Electric Circuits and Passage Filters

M. Behnia and S J. Gillespie

Teaching Pool Boiling by Using a Computerized Experiment