Volume 9   Number 1   1993


The International Journal of

Engineering Education


Editor-in-Chief: Michael Wald

Hamburg Educational Partnership, Germany


Making an Engineer: Learning from International Comparisons


Guest Editor: Karl Willenbrock




M.S. Wald


F. K. Willenbrock



Engineering Education  in Japan


Toyota's In-House Education and Professional Development for Engineers

R. Taurit

German Engineering Education from a Fachhochschule  Perspective

R. W. Staufenbiel

German Education in Mechanical Engineering, from the Perspective of the RWTH Aachen

K. Hernaut

Engineering Education in Germany : An Industry Perspective

J. Bordogna

Systematic Change for Engineering Education: Integrated Trends in the United States

S. Fenster

New Directions in Engineering Education at New Jersey Institute of Technology

G. W. Heinke

Engineering Education in Canada

Z. Tadmor

Engineering Education in Israel 1992,in Search of a New Paradigm

V. D.VandeLinde

Engineering Formation in the UK

J. J. Sparkes

The Future of First-degree Engineering Courses in the United Kingdom

H. Decker

Global and Local Aspects of Engineering from a Corporate Perspective

H. Viets and J. Gr

International  Experience for Engineers

A. Allentuch

Programs of International Study and Work for Engineering Students at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

H. A. McGee, Jr.

Chemical Engineering Education in Japan, Germany and America


The Making of Engineers at Ford Romeo and Nissan Yokohama