The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 9, Number 2, 1993



M. S. Wald


Engineering Education World

W. B. Bryce

Personal View: An Industrial View on Engineering. Education and Training

L. S. Fletcher

The Role of Databases in the Academic Environment

M. M. Nkasu

The Manufacturing Engineering Programs at the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong

L. S. Gibson

Teaching Engineering Design through Project Management

D. J. Croome and G. K. Cook

Building Services Engineering Design and Management: An Innovative Undergraduate Course

A. J. Hejase and B. M. Hasbini

Computer-Aided Instruction in Robotics

K. Gidh and M. E. Hanyak Jr.

A Thermodynamics Teaching Aid for Undergraduate Engineers

M. Barak

Applying the State-Space Technique in Elementary Control Studies