The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 9, Number 3 – 1993




M.S. Wald


G. Kalonji and J. H. F. Meyer

Engineering Education World

P.C. K. O'Ferrall, OBE

Personal View: Graduates in the Year 2000

Z.J. Pudlowski

The International Technical University of Poland - Aims, Origins and Structure

 J. H. F. Meyer and A. R. Sass

The Impact of the First Year on the Learning Behaviour of Engineering Students

P. Rosati

Learning Preferences Reported by Engineering Students

S.Waks and L. Verner

Positioning Issues in the Study of Robotic Manipulations

B. Armstrong-Hélouvry and P. Dixon

Elucidating Negative Feedback during the Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

 A. Goh and P.C. Leong

The Role of Laboratories in a Computer Technology Course

S. Jayakumar, R. G. Squires. G. V. Reklaitis. P. K. Andersen. K. R. Graziani and B. C. Choi

The Use of Computer Simulations in Engineering Capstone Courses: A Chemical Engineering Example - The Mobil Catalytic Reforming Process Simulation

R. Venkatachalam and A. Ramachandra Reddy

A Simple Inexpensive Experimental Apparatus for Crystal Growth Studies

R. E. Randall. B. Edwards. M. F. Cook and E. G. Liles

Teaching of an Ocean Engineering Capstone Design Course