The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 9, Number 4 1993




M.S. Wald


Engineering Education World

A. Smaili and J, Scardina

Personal View: An Integrated Engineering Program in Design and Manufacturing Education

A. M. North

A Unique Contribution to Engineering Education in Asia: The Asian Institute of Technology

R. M. Felder

American Engineering Education: Current Issues and Future Directions

H. Kimmel

The Engineering Science Talent Pipeline: Early Intervention

S. Kanl Vajpayee

Enhancing the Quality of Senior Projects

J-N. Ezingeard and F. Schmid

High-quality Language Teaching for Engineers Based on Integrated Language Acquisition

W. A. W oods

Turbo-compressors and Turbines as Conjugate Machines and a Compressor as a Machine with a Non-zero Lower Limit to its Isentropic Efficiency

E . Giannoiti and C. Galletti

A Learning Environment for Robot Mechanics Based on a Hypertext System

T. Stalhopoulos and H. Wu

A Low-cost Wind Tunnel Facility for the Visualisation of Air Flow Around Buildings

C. O. Smith and G. Kardos

Case Digests for You and Your Students

Case: Stabilizer Link Failure in the Chaparral