The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 10, Number 1 - 1994

Engineering Education World



M. S. Wald
R. Natarajan
Guest Editorial
L. S. Srinath
Engineers and Engineering Societies
P. V. Indiresan
Education in the IITs: A Question of Head and Heart
educational policy
G. Thyagarajan and P. N. Desai
Technology Policy for Global Competition: Lessons from East Asia
P. B. Sharma
Management of Technical Institutions - New Challenges
R. Natarajan
Design of the Organizational Framework for Accreditation of Engineering Institutions
R. Natarajan
The Quality Improvement Programme
C. Ramakrishna Sastri
Technician Education in India: Rejuvenation with World Bank Assistance
Vijay V. Mandke
Co-operative Education-The Indian Experience
Vijay V. Mandke
Learning of Science and Technology through the Distance Mode: Opportunity for Continuing Education at the Work Place
M. V. Ranganath
Continuing Education of Working Professionals - A Case Study of India
K. L. Kumar
The Role of Educational Technology in Engineering Education - an Indian Scenario
manpower policy

A. R. Rajeswari
Engineering  Manpower and Economic Development
R. Bhaskaran
Placement Services in Indian Engineering Institutions
S. P. Sukhatme
Nature of Work and Employment Profiles of Graduate and Postgraduate Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
R. Natarajan
Education and Employment of Women in Engineering in India
R. Natarajan, K. Ganesh BAbu and M. S. Ananth
The Nature and Scope of the Brain-drain of Engineering Graduates
engineering education and industry
L. S. Chandrakant, K. Seetharama Rao,
A. Ramakrishnan and R. Natarajan
How Indian Industry Perceives Engineering Curricula in Relation to Job Requirements
N. Kumar
Industry-University Symbiosis
Shashi K. Gulhati
Consultancy in Engineering Education: Opportunity and Challenges
R. C. Malhotra
Entrepreneurship Development in India and the Role of Academia
P. Englemann
Engineering Education in India - The Role of Bilateral Co-operation