The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 10, Number 2 1994



M. S. Wald


Engineering Education World

A. S. C. Fernandes

Personal View: Knowledge Deficit in Modern Societies

engineering policy

 Z. J. Pudlowski and P. UP. Danall

The UNESCO-Supported International Centre for Engineering Education

engineering education research

P. A. Rosati and S. Surry

Female Perspectives of Engineering Education: A Qualitative Assessment

mechanical and manufacturing engineering


D. M. Love and N. J. Boughton

Educating Tomorrow's Manufacturing Systems Engineers Today

M. Behnia. G. L. Morrison and K. Taylor

A Computer-Based Pump Testing Experiment

mechanical engineering computer aided learning


Computer Animation of a Compressor: A Teaching Aid

chemical engineering

C. S. Slater

A Manually Operated Reverse Osmosis Experiment

engineering mathematics

J. Schmeelk

Convolutions. Transforms and Edge Detection in Images

C Y. Lam

Method of Characteristics Using an Electronic Spreadsheet

computer aided learning

M. S. Wald and B. Soltysiak

Frame-Oriented Intelligent tutoring System

engineering case

C. O. Smith

Engineering Case Digest