The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 10, Number 3 – 1994




M  S  Wald


Engineering Education World

James Hann

Personal View: The Changing Role of the Engineer in the Nuclear Industry

engineering policy

Hohannes-Jurgen Meister

Supporting Excellence in Higher Education The German Situation

engineering education research

C. B. Ndodana. K. Rochford and D Truer

Engineering Students' and Science Educators' Rankings of Science and Technology Related Global Problems

Mario G. Benmde and C. Patrick Koelling

An Educational Framework for Course Development

Jim Murphy

Enhancing Engineering Programs through a Quality Assurance Review Process

G. H. George. E. Moore and M C Piles

A Simple Model for Predicting Success in an Engineering Programme

mechanical engineering

J. E. Holt

On the Nature of Mechanical Engineering Work—Generic Professional Competencies

A. J Ward-Smith

A First-vear Course in Experimental Method

engineering mathematics

T. J. Owens

On Teaching Establishing the Existence of Limit Cycles

computers in engineering

Lyle N. Long. Jesse L. Bartow. Louis F. Constable and Resin M. Moroones

Undergraduate Education and Research in High-performance Computing

computer aided learning

Benita Cox

Explaining and Understanding Engineering Problems—An Intelligent Tutoring Approach