The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 10, Number 6 - 1994



1. M. S. Wald Editorial
2. M. S. Wald Engineering Education World
3. A. Ruberti Foreword: COMETT and TEMPUS
COMETT Papers; Information Technology
4. C. P. Lee, J. M. Rae
and J. A. Kirkham
Supporting Education and Training in Technology MIS - An Information Exchange System for COMETT
Electronic Engineering
5. A. Martinez-Nistal, W. Goddrie
and A. Sampedro
An Interactive Education Program in Digital Image Processing Developed as a COMETT-supported Project
Computer-Aided Learning
6. Michael S. Wlad and
Bogdan Soltysiak
Evaluation and Classification of Learner Knowledge Levels for a CAL Course
TEMPUS Papers; Computer Science and Engineering
7. L. R. Neal and K. D. Kratchanov Establishing a Model of Advanced Information Technologies
Enviromental Engineering
8. D. Squires, U. Bosler
and R. Tsankova
IT and Enviromental Education: An Exemplar Project
Aerospace Engineering
9. F. N. Coton, L. Smrcek
and R. Fletcher
A Scottish Degree in Aerospace Engineering with a European Dimensions
10. G. Guerlement and D. O. Lamblin A Tempus JEP Devoted to CAD: A Successful Challenge
Mechanical Engineering
11. A. Iwainsky and R. Kurth Stock-keeping Processes in the Framework of Computer-aided Engineering Education in CIM
Regular Papers; Engineering Education Research
12. Z. J. Pudlowsky and K. Rochford A Global Study of Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Curricula
Industrial Engineering
13. J. W. H. Price Industrial Engineering in Australia
Web Statistics