The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 11, Number 1 - 1995


M. S. Wald Editorial

M. S. Wald Engineering Education World

R. Hadgraft and D. Holecek Towards Total Quality Using Problem-Based Learning
Mechanical Engineering

JBIOeswiet Accreditation of a Mechanical Engineering Program
Engineering Design Quality

P. Prickett An Illustration of the Taguchi-Based Design Methodology
Electrical Engineering

R. K. Arora Magnetostatic Torque Experienced by an Electric Circuit
Electronic Engineering

P. A. M. van Kollenburg and G. Punt A Course on Competitive Concurrent Engineering within a CIM Enviroment

D. Donoval, J. Racko, G. Wachutka and H. Baltes A Multiple Window Demonstration of the Operation of PN Diodes Using DEVSIM
Computer Aided Learning

G. Bengu Interactive Multimedia Courseware on Manufacturing Processes and Systems

P. P. Ganapathi Subramaniam and S. S. Gokhale Development of an Authoring System for Engineering Education for PC-DOS Applications
Process Engineering

J. Casasnovas and R. C. Anantheswaran An Interactive Software to Simulate Thermal Processing of Foods
Web Statistics