The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 11, Number 6 - 1995


1. M. S. Wald Editorial
2. M. S. Wald Engineering Education World
Engineering Education Research
3. H. Imadojemu A New Approach to Teaching a Required Technical Course
4. K.A. Tubman and D.H. Trepess An Investigation into the Early Leaving of Examination by Engineering Undergraduates
Mechanical Engineering
5. J.E. Holt On the Nature of Mechanical Engineering Work - Foundation of Practice
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering / CAL
6. R.M. Crowder and W. Hall The Use of Open Hypermedia Systems in Engineering Applications
7. X.D. Fang Application of Computer Aided Animation of Machining Operations in Suport of a Manufacturing Course
8. S.C. Fok, F.L. Tan and P. Ng A Multimedia Approach to Teaching Robot Kinematics
9. F. Michau and C. Stiharu-Alexe An Object-Oriented Interactive Learning Environment for Aeronautical Control
10. J.S. Rao and H. Singh DYREMI-Computer Software for Dynamics of Reciprocating Machine Installations
Ocean Engineering
11. Ir. Soegiono The Development of Ocean Engineering Education in Indonesia
Web Statistics