The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 11, Number 4/5 - 1995


M. S. Wald Editorial
L. Genalo, C. S. Slater and Ed Roche Guest Editorial
A.S.C. Fernandes Viewpoint: Perspectives for University Engagement in Continuing Engineering Education (CEE)
R.A. Kline and D. M. Egle Creativity and the Undergraduate Laboratory Experience
N. L. Soong Scientific Visualization Laboratory Design and the Classroom of the Future
W. Lively and M. Lease Undergraduate Software Engineering Laboratory Experiences
R.W. Webster
A Laboratory to Improve Undergraduate Instruction in Artificial Intelligence
J. Beaini and L. Althaus The Use of Digital Instrumentation and the IEEE-488 Interface in the Electric Circuits Laboratory
W. D. Smith An Undergraduate Data Communications Laboratory
S. Gogineni, K. Demarest and J. York Development of a Modern Undergraduate Microwave Laboratory
R. Chassaing and B. Bitler Digital Processing for Video Line Rate Analysis
B. P. Weems, K. M. Kavi and B. Shirazi HIPP: An Honors Program in Parallel Processing
W. S. Newman A New Laboratory Course in Controlled Electromechanical Dynamics: Unifying Engineering Techniques in Analysis and Synthesis
A.G. Chassiakos A New Control Instrumentation Laboratory in Engineering Technology
M.L. Brake, M. Lee, P. Ventzek, M. Passow
and J. Pender
Renovations to a Plasma Teaching Laboratory
R.J. Smith, A. Akers and M.P. Gassman Fluid Power and Control: An Introduction through Laboratory Exercises
M. Metghalchi and M.P. Gassman Application of a Two-Dimensional Laser Doppler Velocimetry System in Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics Course
G. Selvaduray Undergraduate Engineering Ceramics Laboratory Development
H.M. Guven Computerized Control and On-Line Performance Monitoring of an Instructional Mini-Steam Cycle Power Plant
J. Waxman and T. Austin Computer Literacy for Non-Majors: Design and Implementation Issues for Depth and Breadth
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