The International Journal of
Engineering Education

Volume 13, Number 1 - 1997

M.S Wald Editorial

Engineering Education World
L. G. Richards Distance Education: Realizing its Potential
R. G. Loewy Disparities Between Perceptions and the True Nature of Engineering Education
J. Franz, L. Ferreira, and D. P. Thambiratnam Using Phenomenography to Understand Student Learning in Civil Engineering
C. Redelinghuys A Model for the Measurement of Creativity. Part I - Relating Expertise, Quality and Creative Effort
L.S. 'Skip' Fletcher Mechanical Engineering Education for the 21st Century
C. Y. Lam A Non-Traditional Numerical Solution to Heat Conduction in a Rectangular Prism
P. J. Hicks, E.L. Dagless, P. L. Jones, D. J. Kinniment, F. J. Lidgley,  
R. E. Massara, D. Taylor, and  
L. T. Walczowski
A Computer-Based Teaching System for Electronic Design Education
J. Ng Should Law be Introduced into the Engineering Curriculum? (PDF Format)
S. Waks Curriculum Design: from an art towards a science
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