The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 13, Number 3 - 1997


M.S Wald Editorial
M.S Wald Engineering Education World
Erik de Graaf  
Rob Cowdroy
Theory and Practice of Educational Innovation through the Introduction of Problem-Based Learning in Architecture
J.Cano,A.Garces and M.J.Saenz Oral Presentations of Students in Product Engineering Lectures
S.Karapetrovic , D.Rajamani and W.Willborn The University Manufacturing System: ISO 9000 and Accreditation Issues
S.Sheppard and R.Jennison Freshman engineering Design Experiences and Organizational Framework
W.P.Boyle and K.Liu The offset Slider Crank:Kinematic Psueudographic Analysis
S.Askarpour and T.J.Owens On Identifying Characteristic Vectors
C.S.Slater And C.Lipski Development of Experimental Methodology in Pervaporation
P.D.Orkwis, B.K.Walker, 
S.M.Jeng, P.K.Khosla, G.L.Slater and G.J.Smities
Horizontal and Vertical Integration of Design:An Approach to Curriculum Revision
J.P.Fielding Graduate Aircraft Design Education
Heng Li  Viewpoint: Using Information Technology to Enhance Engineering Education
F. J. Redd, R. J. Dellacamera  
and R. J. LeVesque
The MASR Project: A Three-Dimensional View of a Cooperative Industry/University Space System Design Experience


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