The International Journal of
Engineering Education

Volume 14 number 5

M. S. Wald

Engineering World News
Engineering education issues and research 
 T.O’Brien,L.E.Bernold and D.Akroyd
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Academic Achievement in Engineering Education
 T.l.Veith,J.E.Kobza and P.A.Koelling
World Wide Web-based Simulation
Academic Progress of Canadian Engineering Students in Terms of MBTI Personality Type

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
J.F.Marchman III
A Multi-National, Multi-disciplinary, Vertically Integrated,Team Experience in Aircraft Design

Industrial and Systems Engineering
J. Antony and N.Capon
Teaching Experimental Design Techniques to Industrial Engineers

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
New Era in Engineering Experiments:an Integrated and Integrative Teaching/Learning Approach, and Real-Time Visualisations
L.Goel and G.Shrestha
Windows-based Educational Software for Power Generating Capacity Reliability Assessment and Expansion Planning
P.H.Gregson and T.A.Little
Designing Contests for Teaching Electrical Engineering Design

Engineering Mathematics
Simplified Curve Fitting using Spreadsheet Add-ins

Web Statistics