Volume 15 number 2
Special Issue on Ireland

 Ivan Gibson
 Guest Editorial
 Mary Harney
Minister for Trade, Enterprise and Employment
 Engineering Industry and Engineering Education in Ireland
John Hammond and Marion Palmer
National Council for curriculum and assessment, Dublin
 Engineering Education at Second Level in the Republic of Ireland-Provision and Developments
John McGinn 
Director of Co-operative Education, University of Limerick, Limerick 
Co-operative Education: the University of Limerick Perspective
P.J.Mc Laughlin 
Head of School of Engineering. Tallaght Institute of Technology, Tallaght 
Engineering Education in Ireland‘s Institute of Technology sector
Michael Murphy and John Turner 
Faculty of Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin
Expanding Education Horizons
Anne Keane,  Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, 
University of Limerick 
Ivan Gibson, National University of Ireland, Galway 
Communication Trends in Engineering firms: Implications for Undergraduate Engineering Courses
Robin Clarke and B. McClelland
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ulster, Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland 
Teamwork at the Chalkface-an Integrated Approach to Technology and Design
Vincent Wade, Jane Grimson , Conor Power 
Dept. of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 
World Wide Web based Educational Environments for Software Engineers
T.Mc Ginnity, L.P.Maguire and L.J.Mc Daid 
Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory, 
University of Ulster, Derry, Northern Ireland 
Flexible Learning in a Cross Border Environment
R.B. Clarke and J.E. Thompson 
University of Ulster, Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland 
Creating the Competent Engineer? An Evaluation of Integrated Graduate Development in Northern Ireland
Michael Gilchrist 
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Ireland, Dublin 
Manufacturing and Design with Engineering Polymers: The Structure and Implementation of a Part Time Elective Postgrauate Engineering Degree Course for Industry Based Students

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