International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 16  Number 3

Special Issue: Applications of LabVIEW in Engineering Education

Guest Editor: Nesimi Ertugrul


The issue includes a CD-ROM with LabVIEW ,Virtual Instrumentation and the papers

Journal Cover
M. S. Wald Editorial
N. Ertugrul Guest Editorial
N. Ertugrul
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 
University of Adelaide, Australia
Towards Virtual Laboratories: A Survey of LabView Based Teaching Learning Tools and Future Trends
B.Erwin, M.Cyr, C.Rogers
Center for Engineering Education Outreach, 
Tufts University, Medford MA,USA
LEGO Engineer and ROBOLAB: Teaching Engineering with LabVIEW from Kindergarten to Graduate School
R.B.Wicker and H.I.Loya
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, 
University of El Paso, TX, USA
A Vision-Based Experiment for Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Courses
Oensingen Inbstitute of Technology, Switzerland
Teaching PID and Fuzzy Controllers with LabVIEW
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
University of Texas, Austin TX, USA
VI-Based Introductory Electrical Engineering Laboratory Cours
T.M.Schwartz and B.M.Dunkin
ITLL, University of Colorado, Boulder CO, USA
Facilitating Interdisciplinary Hands on Learning Using LabVIEW
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
University of Texas, Austin TX, USA
A Course in Computer-Based Instrumentation :Learning LabVIEW with Case Studies
W.D.Smith, G.B.Williams, R.Berguer,J.T.Anderson
California State University, Sacramento, CA,USA
LabVIEW TM Facilitates Interdisciplinary Team Projects in Graduate Biomedical Engineering Courses
J.B.Olanson, F.Ghorbel, J.W.Clark,Abidani
Rice University,Houston,TX, USA
Using Virtual Instrumentation to Develop a Modern Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
C.Salzmann, D.Gillet, P.Huguenin
Introduction to Real-Time Control using LabVIEW with an Application to Distance Learning
K.K.Tan, T.H.Lee, F.M.Leu
Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore
Development of a Distant Laboratory Using LabVIEW

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