International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 17  Number 1, 2001

Cover and Abstracts 

Special Issue

Learning Styles

Guest Editor: Terrance O'Brien

M. S. Wald


Terrance O'Brien

Guest Editorial

Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning


G. Green, P. Kennedy

Redefining Engineering Education: The Reflective Practice of Product Design Engineering

M.A.Mooney, P.J.Mooney

A Student Teaching-Based Instructional Model


Practical Creativity: Lateral Thinking Techniques Applied to Television Production Education


Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, with Particular reference to the Undergraduate Education of Professional Engineers

E.Tsang, J.Van Haneghan

A Report on Service Learning and Engineering Design

S.S.Austin, B.Edwards

Transactional Writing : Constructing Knowledge and Reshaping Beliefs in Mathematics

P.Humphreys, V.Lo,F.Chan, G.Duggan

Developing Transferable Groupwork Skills for Engineering Students

M.Lima,C.M.Drapcho, T.H.Walker, R.L.Bengtson, L.R.Verma

A Model for Integrating Communication Skills across the Biological Engineering Curriculum

Student Achievement and Attitude Towards Instruction



Predicting Academic Success of First-Year Engineering Students from Standardized Test Scores and Psychosocial Variables

S.D. Creighton, R.L.Johnson, J.Penny, E.Ernst

A Comprehensive System for Student and Program Assessment: Lessons Learned

T.O'Brien, S.Butler, L.E.Bernold

Group Embedded Figures Test and Academic Achievement in Engineering Education


Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles in the Design and Delivery of On-line Learning Experiences


Web Statistics