International Journal of Engineering Education

Volume 17  Number 2

Special Issue on Virtual Universities

Guest Editors: Freimut Bodendorf and Philip Swain

Cover and Abstracts


M. S. Wald Editorial
F.Bodendorf and P.Swain Virtual Universities in Engineering Education
L. V. Baldwin and G. R. Johnson NTU: The Working Professional’s University
F. Kaderali, G. Steinkamp and B. Cubaleska Studying Electrical Engineering in the Virtual University
W. Winer, W. Wepfer, J. DiGregorio, G. Wright and J. Boland Online Delivery of the MSME Program from Georgia Tech
P.-T. Kandzia and T. Ottmann How Real is the Virtual University in the Upper Rhine Valley?
S. Wheeler and A. Vranch Building for the Future of Educational Telematics: Models, Foundations and Frameworks
A. Geyer-Schulz, M. Hahsler and M. Jahn Educational and Scientific Recommender Systems: Designing the Informational Channels of the Virtual University
G. Q. Huang, B. Shen and K. L. Mak,  TELD Courseware Engine as a Virtual Classroom for Active and Collaborative Teaching
M. Ridwan, C. Yap and M. A. Mannan A WWW-based Course Structure for Teaching a Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Course
N. Sclater, H. Grierson, W. Ion and S. MacGregor,  Online Collaborative Design Projects: Overcoming Barriers to Communication
T. Spedding A Working Model of a Manufacturing Enterprise with Internet Control
N. Kapadia, J. Fortes and M. Lundstrom, D.R.Valles PUNCH: A Computing Portal for the Virtual University

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