Volume 17 number 4


Special Issue

Design Education for the 21st Century

Guest Editors: Sheri Sheppard and Clive Dym

M.S. wald Editorial
C.Dym and S. Sheppard Introduction and Overview
J.Wesner Key Learnings and Commitments from Mudd Design Workshop II

‘People’ Issues
R.Faste The Human Challenge in Engineering Design
F.Fronczac Design Engineers—Fast, Cheap,Good—Pick Any Two of the Three
B.Bender Concepts for Purposive and Motivational Teaching and Learning in Engineering Design Courses

Teams and Collaboration
P.L.Hirsch, B L Shwom, C.Yarnoff, J. C.Anderson, D.M. Kelso, G.B. Olson, J.E.ColgateEngineering Design and Communication: The Case for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
S.KuhnLearning from the Architecture Studio: Implications for Project-Based Pedagogy
D.Taylor, S. P. Magleby, R. H. Todd,A. R. Parkinson Training Faculty to Coach Capstone Design Teams
N.Delson Increasing Team Motivation in Engineering Design Courses
C. Caenepeel, C. Wyrick
Strategies for Successful Interdisciplinary Projects: A California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Perspective
Products and Projects
D.Harris A Case for Project-Based Design Education
P.Doepker Integrating the Product Realization process into the Design Curriculum
R.Apfel, N.Jeremijenko SynThesis: Integrating Real World Product Design and business Development with the Challenges of Innovative Instuction
Pionke, C. D., J. R. Parsons, J. E. Seat, F. E. Weber, D.C. Yoder Balancing Capability, Enthusiasm, and Methodology in a First Year Design Program
T.Regan, J. W. Dally, P. F. Cunniff, G. Zhang, L. Schmidt Curriculum Integrated Engineering Design and Product Realization
R.Counce, J. M.Holmes, R. A. Reimer An Honors Capstone Design Experience Utilizing Authentic Industrial Projects
S. Magleby, R. H. Todd, D.L.Pugh, C. D. Sorensen Selecting Appropriate Industrial Projects for Capstone Design Programs
P.Little, J.King Selection Criteria for Cornerstone and Capstone Design Projects
D.Cannon, L. Leifer Product-Based Learning in an Overseas Study Program: The ME110K Course
B.Hyman From Capstone to Cornerstone—A New Paradigm for Design Education

Science and systems for the design toolbox
T.R.Kurfess Challenges and Directions for Integrating Mechatronics into Early Design
R.Fruchter Dimensions of Teamwork Education
W.Wood Unifying Design Education through Decision Theory
B.Linder, W.Flowers Integrating Engineering Science and Design: A Definition and Discussion
S.Sheppard The Compatibility (or Incompatibility) of How We Teach Engineering Design and Analysis
T.Arciszewski, S. Lakmazaheri Structural Design Education for the 21st Century
C.Briggs On the Role of CAx in Design Education
S.Lukasik, M. Erlinger Educating Designers of Complex Systems: Information Networks as a Testbed
G.Olson Brains of Steel: Mind Melding with Materials
K.Yoshino Design and Assessment: Theory and Practice
Phillips, J. R. Z. H. Duron Assessment in the Light (?) of ABET Accreditation Criteria
J.Shaeiwitz Teaching Design by Integration throughout the Curriculum and assessing the Curriculum using Design Projects
P.Doepker Department Assessment and the Design Course: A Model for Continuous Improvement
J.Feland,L.Leifer Requirement Volatility Metrics as an Assessment Instrument for Design Team Performance Prediction

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