Special Double Issue

Guest Editors: Sheri Sheppard and Clive Dym

M.S. wald-    Editorial
C.Dym and S. Sheppard- Introduction and Overview
J.Wesner-  Key Learnings and Commitments from Mudd Design Workshop II

‘People’ Issues

R.Faste-      The Human Challenge in Engineering Design
F.Fronczac- Design Engineers—Fast, Cheap,Good—Pick Any Two of the Three
B.Bender-   Concepts for Purposive and Motivational Teaching and Learning in Engineering Design Courses

Teams and Collaboration

P.L.Hirsch, B L Shwom, C.Yarnoff, J. C.Anderson, D.M. Kelso, G.B. Olson, J.E.Colgate-
Engineering Design and Communication: The Case for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
S.Kuhn-Learning from the Architecture Studio: Implications for Project-Based Pedagogy
D.Taylor, S. P. Magleby, R. H. Todd,A. R. Parkinson- Training Faculty to Coach Capstone Design Teams
N.Delson- Increasing Team Motivation in Engineering Design Courses
C. Caenepeel, C. Wyrick - Strategies for Successful Interdisciplinary Projects: A California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Perspective

Products and Projects

D.Harris- A Case for Project-Based Design Education
P.Doepker- Integrating the Product Realization process into the Design Curriculum
R.Apfel, N.Jeremijenko- SynThesis: Integrating Real World Product Design and business Development with the Challenges of Innovative Instuction
Pionke, C. D., J. R. Parsons, J. E. Seat, F. E. Weber, D.C. Yoder-Balancing Capability, Enthusiasm, and Methodology in a First Year Design Program
T.Regan, J. W. Dally, P. F. Cunniff, G. Zhang, L. Schmidt- Curriculum Integrated Engineering Design and Product Realization
R.Counce, J. M.Holmes, R. A. Reimer- An Honors Capstone Design Experience Utilizing Authentic Industrial Projects
S. Magleby, R. H. Todd, D.L.Pugh, C. D. Sorensen- Selecting Appropriate Industrial Projects for Capstone Design Programs
P.Little, J.King- Selection Criteria for Cornerstone and Capstone Design Projects
D.Cannon, L. Leifer- Product-Based Learning in an Overseas Study Program: The ME110K Course
B.Hyman- From Capstone to Cornerstone—A New Paradigm for Design Education

Science and systems for the design toolbox

T.R.Kurfess- Challenges and Directions for Integrating Mechatronics into Early Design
R.Fruchter- Dimensions of Teamwork Education
W.Wood- Unifying Design Education through Decision Theory
B.Linder, W.Flowers- Integrating Engineering Science and Design: A Definition and Discussion
S.Sheppard- The Compatibility (or Incompatibility) of How We Teach Engineering Design and Analysis
T.Arciszewski, S. Lakmazaheri- Structural Design Education for the 21st Century
C.Briggs- On the Role of CAx in Design Education
S.Lukasik, M. Erlinger- Educating Designers of Complex Systems: Information Networks as a Testbed
G.Olson- Brains of Steel: Mind Melding with Materials


K.Yoshino- Design and Assessment: Theory and Practice
Phillips, J. R. Z. H. Duron- Assessment in the Light (?) of ABET Accreditation Criteria
J.Shaeiwitz- Teaching Design by Integration throughout the Curriculum and assessing the Curriculum using Design Projects
P.Doepker- Department Assessment and the Design Course: A Model for Continuous Improvement
J.Feland,L.Leifer- Requirement Volatility Metrics as an Assessment Instrument for Design Team Performance Prediction

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