Volume 18 number 4

Special Issue on Women in Engineering

Guest Editors: Jeff Jawitz and Jennifer Case

Cover & Abstracts


Jeff Jawitz and Jennifer Case
Guest Editorial -Women in Engineering: Beyond the stats

Contents: Part I

Theorizing the problem

Heather Stonyer
Making engineering students - making women: The discursive context of engineering education

Berna Zengin Arslan
Women in Engineering Education in Turkey: Understanding the gendered distribution

Alison  Phipps
Engineering women: The 'gendering' of professional identities in the UK

Experience of Industry

Pam Roberts and Mary Ayre
Did she jump or was she pushed? A study of women's retention in the engineering workforce.

Barbara Bagilhole,  Andrew Dainty and Richard Neale
A woman engineer's experiences of working on British construction sites. -

What are people doing about it?

Minna Salminen-Karlsson
Gender-inclusive computer engineering education: Two attempts at curriculum change

Peter J.Shull and Michael Weiner
Thinking Inside the box: Self-efficacy of Women in Engineering -

Annette Williams,  Pat Turrell and Ros Wall
Let’s TWIST: Creating A Conducive Learning Environment For Women

Ria Hermanussen and  Cornelia Booy
Equal opportunity in higher technical education: past, present and future -

Maria Uden
The impact of women on engineering: A study of female engineering students' thesis topics

Contents: Part II

Engineering Education Assessment and Research

Ivan Gibson
Assessment in Engineering Education-a European Perspective

Jeff Jawitz, Sueellen Shay,Rob Moore
Management and Assessment of final Year Projects in Engineering

Vincent Gomes

  Web Statistics