Contents Volume 20 number 2


Guest Editors


Ahmad Ibrahim and Aleksander Malinowski




Covers and Abstracts






Ahmad Ibrahim and Aleksander Malinowski

Guest Editorial



Part I


Special Issue on Trends in Electronics Education (2)




Interactive Outcome-based Assessment Using Multimedia


S.A.Maurice and R.L.Day

Online Testing Technology:Important Lessons Learned


S.Hussmann, G.Covic and N.Patel

Effective Teaching and Learning in Engineering Education using Novel Web-based Tutorial and Assessment Tool for Advanced Electronics


A.Almendra,F.J.Jimenez-Leube,C.Gonzalez and J.Sanz-Maudes

An Experience De-localizing a Freshman Electrical Engineering Laboratory


S.E.Watkins,R.H.Hall,K.Chandrashekhara and J.M.Baker

Interdisciplinary Learning through a Connected Classroom


M.J.Moure,M.D.Valdes,A.Salaverria and E.Mandado

Virtual Laboratory as a Tool to Improve the Effectiveness of Actual Laboratories


D.M.Chiu and .Y.Chiu

An Open-ended Laboratory System with computer-aided Simulation for Undergraduate Electronic Engineering


An Undergraduate Laboratory in Communication Fundamentals


M.Dessouky,M.Magdy,N.Mahmoud,M.Aly and N.Soliman

Bringing Research to Undergraduate Projects-Case Study:Design Automation of a Delta-Sigma Analog to Digital Converter


M.A.Duarte-Mermoud,N.H.Beltran,A.M.Suarez and D.F.Bassi-

Neural Network Control for Teaching Purposes


C.Elmas and M.A.Akcayol-

Virtual Electrical Machinery Laboratory: A Fuzzy Logic Controller for Induction Motor Drives


I.Levin,E.Kolberg and Y.Reich

Robot Control Teaching with a State Machine-based Design Method


S.Kocijancic and J.Jamsek

Electronics Courses for Science and Technology Teachers



Part II


Contributions on Communication Skills, Software Engineering,  Engineering Management, Control Engineering and Chemical Engineering



Teaching Engineering Students to Communicate Effectively: A Metacognitive Approach


Y.C.Chan, N.H.Yeung and C.W.Tan

InnovTech: Creativity and Innovation Learning Facility for Engineering Students


D.Rosca, W.Tepfenhart and J.McDonald

Necessary Metamorphoses of a Software Engineering Program


T.Collins and A.D.Youngblood

Envisioning Change and Revitalization of an Engineering Management Program


M.Reynolds,P.H.Meckl and B.Yao

The Educational Impact of Modular Open-ended Controller Design Projects



Integrating Novel Examples into Thermodynamics Courses


Web Statistics