Contents Volume 23 number 4




Part I


Special Issue


Trends in Agricultural ,Biosystems and

Biological Engineering Education (III)


Guest Editors


Linus Opara

Sultan Qaboos University

Sultanate of Oman


Joel Cuello

University of Arizona










Linus Opara and Joel Cuello

Guest Editorial



Michael D.Boyette

Viewpoint- The Problems of Teaching Practical Design To Today’s Engineering Students- the Agricultural Engineering Experience



Ann D.Christy and Marybeth Lima

Developing Creativity and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Engineering Problem- solving



D.D.Mann, S.Ingram, K.J.Dick,

D.S.Petkau and M.G.Britton

An Experiment in Integrating Communication into the Biosystems Engineering Design Trilogy



Chi N.Thai, Kazuo Morita and

Koichi Iwasaki

Adapting Pervasive Learning Technologies to Mixed Local/Distance Agricultural and Biological Engineering Education



Rabi H.Mohtar, Tong Zhai, Jin-Yong Choi,

Bernard A. Engel and Juli J.Fast

Outcome-Based Evaluation of Environmental Modeling Tools for Classroom Learning



Patricia C.Harms, Steven K.Mickelson and

Thomas J.Brumm

Longitudinal Study of Learning Communities in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering



David K.Gattie and Timothy L.Foutz

Systems and Engineering Ecology:Developing Formal Foundations for Ecological Engineering



D.D.Mann, J.Ripat and A.Quanbury

Interprofessional Teaching Teams:  Addressing Emerging Areas in Biosystems Engineering Using a Client-based Learning Project



Barbara C. Williams, B.Brian He,

Donald F.Elger and Briar E. Schumacher

Peer Evaluation as a Motivator for Improved Team Performance in Bio/Ag Engineering Design Classes



Carl L.Griffis, Thomas A. Costello and

Lalit R.Verma

A Unified, Interactive Approach to Degree Program Accreditation and Quality Assurance



Evangelyn C.Alocilja

A Case Study on Problem Based Learning in a Bio-Resource Optimization Course



Matthew J.Darr, Timothy S. Stombaugh,

Scott A.Shearer and Richard S.Gates

A New Course to Teach Microcontrollers and Embedded Networking to Biosystems and Agricultural Engineers



Indrajeet Chaubey and Marty D.Matlock

Teaching Undergraduate Students to Manage Aquatic Ecosystems at the Watershed Level:  An Ecological Engineering Approach



Ajit K.Mahapatra, Krishan L.Kumar,

James L.Julson and K. Muthukumarappan

Designing a Design Course for Agriculture Engineering in Africa



John M.Fielke

UniSA’s Agricultural Machnery research Design Centre – Collaborative University/Industry Research and Research Education in Agricultural engineering



Hartono Sumali

Teaching a US-Based Laboratory Course Overseas


Part II


Contributions in: Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering,

University-Industry Cooperation, Remote Laboratories,

Transport Engineering, Electrical Engineering and

Fluid Mechanics


Jose Rios, Dolors Planas and Rajkumar Roy

Cost Estimating Training by Doing: a Web-based Process Centred Approach



Young B.Moon, Teresa Sanchez Chaparro and Alfonso Duran Heras

Teaching Professional Skills to Engineering Students with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-an International Project



Euan Lindsay, Som Naidu and

Malcolm Good

A Different Kind of Difference: Theoretical Implications of Using Technology to Overcome Separation in Remote Laboratories



Aled Williams

Progress through Partnership:How do Industry and UK Higher Education Built Environment Courses Work Collaboratively



D.E.Bolanakis, E.Glavas and G.A.Evangelakis

An Integrated Microcontroller- based Tutoring System for a Computer Architecture Laboratory Course



R.Clive Woods

Use of Software for Real- time Spectrum Analysis



Fang Clara Fang and David Pines

Enhancing Transportation Engineering Education with Computer Simulation



Christopher Depcik and Dennis Assanis

Merging Undergraduate and Graduate Fluid Mechanics Through the Use of the SIMPLE Method for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations



Phillip Sandborn and Peter Sandborn

Using Embedded Resistor Emulation and Trimming to Demonstrate Measurement Methods and Associated Engineering Model Development


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