Vol 27-3





Section I


Special Issue

Learning through Play in Engineering Education—Part 1


Guest Editor

Andrés Díaz Lantada—Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Ahmad Ibrahim




Andrés Díaz Lantada

Guest Editorial



Wei-Fan Chen, Weh-Hsiung Wu, Tsung-Yen Chuang and

Pao-Nan Chou

The Effect of Varied Game-Based Learning Systems in Engineering Education: An Experimental Study



Andrés Díaz Lantada, Pilar Lafont Morgado, Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa, Javier Echávarri Otero and

José Luis Muñoz Sanz

Learning Through Play in a Final Year Subject: Enjoyable Design Experience for Teaching Product Development



Miroslav Minović, Miloš Milovanović, Ivana Kovačević,

Jelena Minović and Dušan Starčević

Game Design as a Learning Tool for the Course of Computer Networks



Joaquín Olivares, Jose M. Palomares, José Manuel Soto and

Juan Carlos Gámez, Ignacio Bravo and Aldredo Gardel

Learning FPGA Design by a Methodology Based on Projects



Vicenc Fernandez, Pep Simo, Ines Algaba, Maria Albareda-Sambola, Nuria Salan, Beatriz Amante, Mihaela Enache,

Edna R. Bravo, Albert Sune, Daniel Garcia-Almiñana,

Manel Rajadell and Federic Garriga

‘Low-Cost Educational Videos’ for Engineering Students: a new Concept based on Video Streaming and YouTube Channels



J. Sánchez, S. Dormido-Canto, G. Farías, F. Godoy and

S. Dormido

Understanding Automatic Control Concepts by Playing Games



Ana Vazquez Alejos, J. A. Gay Fernandez,

Manuel Garcia Sanchez and Iñigo Cuiñas

Innovative Experimental Approach of Learning-Through-Play Theory in Electrical Engineering



Rafik Absi, Caroline Nalpas, Florence Dufour, Denis Huet, Rachid Bennacer and Tahar Absi

Teaching Fluid Mechanics for Undergraduate Students in Applied Industrial Biology: from Theory to Atypical Experiments



Beatriz Amante, Maria Martinez-Martinez, Ana Cadenato,

Isabel Gallego and Nuria Salan

‘Applied Scientific Method’ in the Laboratory



Iñigo Cuiñas, Verónica Santalla, Ana Vazquez Alejos,

Maríá Vera Isasa, Edita de Lorenzo Rodríguez and

Manuel García Sanchez

Playing LEGO Mindstorms® while Learning Remote Sensing



Nathaniel Lasry and Pierre-Osias Christin

Engineering Magical Learning Environments



Wen-Jye Shyr

Integrating Bio-energy Laboratory Activities Into a Junior High School Classroom



Fernando G. Torres

Model Engineering of Ancient and Historical Machines as a Training Tool for Mechanical Engineering Students



Javier Galeano, Juan Manuel Pastor and

 Miguel Ángel Muñoz

Playing the Rock-Scissors-Paper Game on Complex Networks in Ecology: Motivating Graduates to Learn Complex Networks



A. Manuel de Oliveira Duarte, Ilídio C. Oliveira,

Hugo S. Félix, David C. Carrilho, Anabela Sousa Pereira

and Inês Direito

Active Classrooms: Role-Playing Experience in Telecommunications Engineering Education



A. Pacios Álvarez, J. R. Cobo Benita, I. Ortiz-Marcos and F. J. Sánchez-Alejo

Acquiring Negotiating Skills by Playing in Project Engineering



R. Peral, N. Campillo, H. Campello and E. Velasco

‘Acoustical Pursuit’—Playing To Learn Acoustical Engineering



P. Ponsa, R. Vilanova, A. Gomà and A. Pérez

The Use of Role Playing in Engineering Curricula: a Case Study in Human-Automation Systems



Fernando Ramos, Eva Sandra Balaguer and

Francisco Salinas

Reinforcement the Learning of Topics of Manufacturing Systems by Playing Through Theater Personages



José de Souza Rodrigues, José Dinis-Carvalho,

Rui M. Lima and Manoel Henrique Salgado

Brazilian Students and Working Capital: An Analysis of Their Decisions When Using Virtual Market Business Games


Section II

Selected papers from the 2010 International Engineering

Education Conference, Antalya, Turkey


Tania Vasileva, Vassiliy Tchoumatchenko and

Minna Lakkala, Kari Kosonen

Infrastructure Supporting Collaborative Project Based Learning in Engineering Education



Ahmed F. Salman, Yasser E. Ibrahim, Mostafa

M. El-Shami, Sami Osman and Abdulrahman S. Hariri

Developing of Specifications and Academic Curriculum in Construction Engineering, A case study in University of Dammam, KSA



Mehmet Canturk and Mohammad Rehan

Impact of Job Requirements on ICT Curriculum


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