Vol 27-5





Contributions in: International Cooperation, Knowledge Building,

Discovery and Presentation, Teaching Methods, Course/Curriculum Design and Assessment,

Transdisciplinary Education, First Year Teaching, Motivation, Outreach,

Women in Engineering, and Computer-based Learning Systems

Ahmad Ibrahim




I. Ortiz-Marcos, T. Fransson, P. Hagström

and C. Lhermithe

T.I.M.E. European Summer School: An Innovative International Educational Experience



T. C. Sheahan, E. J. Mason, D. M. Qualters,

P. V. Poblete and X. Vargas

Cross-National Evaluation of Learning Assessment in First-Year Engineering Students: U.S. Experience Applied at Two Universities in Chile



Glenn W. Ellis, Alan N. Rudnitsky,

Mary A. Moriarty and Borjana Mikic

Applying Knowledge Building in an Engineering Class: A Pilot Study



Aditya Johri and Vinod K Lohani

Framework for Improving Engineering Representational Literacy by Using Pen-based Computing



Ruth A. Streveler, Ronald L. Miller,

Aidsa I. Santiago-Román, Mary A. Nelson,

Monica R. Geist and Barbara M. Olds

Rigorous Methodology for Concept Inventory Development: Using the‘Assessment Triangle’ to Develop and Test the Thermal and Transport Science Concept Inventory (TTCI)



Rachel G. Campbell Murdy, Kela P. Weber

and Raymond L. Legge

Exploring Concept Maps as Study Tools in a First Year Engineering Biology Course: A Case Study



Eleazar Gil-Herrera, Athanasios Tsalatsanis,

Ali Yalcin and Autar Kaw

Predicting Academic Performance Using a Rough Set Theory-Based Knowledge Discovery Methodology



J. Menacho, L. González-Sabaté

R. Tejedor-Estrada and J. Tricás

Testing a QFD Methodology to Improve a Calculus Course for Engineers



Lesley Strawderman and Laura Ruff

Designing Introductory Industrial Engineering Courses to Improve Student Career Efficacy



Desmond Adair, Martin Jaeger

and Jonathan Stegen

Comparison of Two Approaches when Teaching Object-Orientated Programming to Novices



Frederic Segonds, Nicolas Maranzana,

Philippe Veron and Ameziane Aoussat

Collaborative Reverse Engineering Design Experiment Using PLM Solutions



S. Wandahl, W. Olsen and L. F. Ussing

Relevance of Academic Internship to the Quality in Construction Management Education



Philip Ciufo

Analysis of First-year Student Performance in an Engineering Program



Yanfel Liu and Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez

Freshman Engineering Project on Energy Scavenging



Barry L. Shoop and Eugene K. Ressler

Developing the Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation of Undergraduate Engineering Students



Valentina M. Nejkovic and Milorad Tosic

Influence of Several Years Use of Wiki on Academic Motivation Improvement



Atila Ertas, Thomas Kollman and Emrah Gumus

Transdisciplinary Educational Performance Evaluation through Survey



So Young Sohn and Yong Han Ju

Design and Implementation of Youth Engineering Adventure Program in Korea



Kacey Beddoes

Engineering Education Discourses on Underrepresentation: Why Problematization Matters



Jakub Kolota

A Remote Laboratory for Learning with Automatic Control Systems and Process Visualization



P. Fernández-Sánchez, A. Salaverría,

V. G. Valdés and E. Mandado

ISLE: An Integrated Self-Learning system of Electronics Using a Virtual Laboratory as a Self-Assessment Tool



Juan Carlos G. de Sande

Computer-Based Training Tool for Signals and Systems Exercises



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