Vol 28-1








Contributions in: Project-Based Learning, Creativity, Internship, Apprenticeship Programs,

Final Year Projects, Engineering Identity, Mathematics Self-Efficacy, Motivation,

Life-Long Learning, Global and Cross-Cultural Experiences, Language as a Barrier,

Remote Laboratories, Solid Mechanics, Electrical Machines, and Flight Mechanics



Ahmad Ibrahim




Chunfang Zhou, Anette Kolmos and Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen

A Problem and Project-Based Learning (PBL) Approach to Motivate Group Creativity in Engineering Education



K. Burak Codur, Serc¸in Karatas¸ and Ali H. Dogru

Application of Project-Based Learning in a Theoretical Course: Process, Difficulties and Recommendations



Ning Fang

Improving Engineering Students’ Technical and Professional Skills Through Project-Based Active and Collaborative Learning



Shi-Jer Lou, Chih-Chao Chung, Li-Chung Chao,

Kuo-Hung Tseng and Ru-Chu Shih

Construction of a Blended TRIZ Creative Learning Platform



Nathalíe Galeano, Ruben Morales-Menendez

 and Francisco J. Cantú

Developing Research Skills in Undergraduate Students through an Internship Program in Research and Innovation



Bernard Blandin

The Competence of an Engineer and how it is Built through an Apprenticeship Program: a Tentative Model



Gemma Filella, Francesc Gine, Ferran Badia,

Anna Soldevila, Marga Moltó and Isabel Del-Arco

Well-being E-Portfolio: a Methodology to Supervise the Final Year Engineering Project



I. Ortiz-Marcos, Angel Uruburu, Susana Ortiz

and Raquel Caro

Final Year Project: Students’ and Instructors’ Perceptions as a Competence-Strengthening Tool for Engineering Students



Oenardi Lawanto and Scott D. Johnson

Metacognition in an Engineering Design Project



Kerry L. Meyers, Matthew W. Ohland and

Stephen E. Silliman

How Self-Identification and Views of Engineering Change with Time: A Study of Students and Professionals



Shane Brown and Jacob Burnham

Engineering Student’s Mathematics Self-Efficacy Development in a Freshmen Engineering Mathematics Course



Catalina Martínez-Mediano and Susan M. Lord

Lifelong Learning Competencies Program for Engineers



B. K. Jesiek, Y. Shen and Y. Haller

Cross-Cultural Competence: A Comparative Assessment of Engineering Students



Aaron G. Ball, Holt Zaugg, Randall Davies, Isaku Tateishi,

Alan R. Parkinson, C. Greg Jensen and Spencer R. Magleby

Identification and Validation of a Set of Global Competencies for Engineering Students





Rabi H. Mohtar and Anne E. Dare

Global Design Team: A Global Service-Learning Experience



Chirag Variawa and Susan McCahan

Identifying Language as a Learning Barrier in Engineering



Euan D. Lindsay and Philip C. Wankat

Going the Way of the Slide Rule: Can Remote Laboratories Fungibly Replace the In-Person Experience?



José M. Jerez, David Bueno, I. Molina,

Daniel Urda and Leonardo Franco

Improving Motivation in Learning Programming Skills for Engineering Students



Yaniv Hollander and Dan Givoli

Teaching Quantitative Error Estimates for Engineering Approximations: Application to Torsion in Thin-Walled Sections



Gholamreza Shafipour and Abdolvahhab Fetanat

WWEM: A New Educational Software Package Based on MATLAB for Optimal Designing of Wire Winding of Electrical Machines to Undergraduate Students



Jesús Gonzalo

Modular Aeroplane for Education in Flight Mechanics


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