Contributions in: Social Capital, Workforce, Technological Knowledge,

Active Learning, Project-Based Learning, Gender, Career Goals, Global Competencies,

Multinational Design Projects, Concept Maps, E-Learning, Academic Dishonesty,

Outreach, Mechatronics, Mathematics, Hydraulics, Parallel Computing, Fluid Mechanics,

Chemical Engineering, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Industrial Engineering



Ahmad Ibrahim



Julie P. Martin

The Invisible Hand of Social Capital: Narratives of First Generation College Students in Engineering


Abe Zeid, Chitra Javdeka, Marina Bogard, Susan Steiger-Escobar, Shamsi Moussavi, Claire Duggan, Daniel Sullivan and Sagar Kamarthi

TRANSFORM: TRANSFORMing Liberal Arts Careers to Meet Demand for Advanced Manufacturing Workforce


Omer Deperlioglu and Bahadir Ozkan

The Relation between Self-Confidence of Engineering Undergraduates and Knowledge of Technology


Nathaniel J. Hunsu, Baba Abdul, Bernard J Van Wie, Olusola Adesope and Gary R. Brown

Exploring Students’ Perceptions of an Innovative Active Learning Paradigm  in a Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Course


Kerry Meyers and Kathleen Cripe

Prior Educational Experience and Gender Influences on Perceptions of a First-Year Engineering Design Project


Katherine E. Winters and Holly M. Matusovich

Career Goals and Actions of Early Career Engineering Graduates


Scott C. Streiner, Anita R. Vila-Parrish and

Gregg M. Warnick

An Exploratory Study of Global Competencies Considered by Multinational Companies: A Hiring Perspective


I. E. Esparragoza, S. Lascano Farak, J. R. Ocampo, J. Nuñez Segovia, R. Vigan,

J. Duque-Rivera and C. A. Rodriguez

Assessment of Students’ Interactions in Multinational Collaborative Design Projects


Cigdem Turhan, Gokhan Sengul and Murat Koyuncu

A Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Accreditation in Engineering Education: A Case Study in Turkey


Wen-Jye Shyr, Chi-Feng Feng, Chia-Ming Lin and Hui-Chuan Wu

Development and Assessment of Wireless Touch Control Technique for Learning Mechatronics


Joanna F. DeFranco, Kathryn Jablokow, Michael J. Piovoso and Sally S. Richmond

Objectively Assessing Concept Maps for Knowledge Integration


Ainara Pradera-Mallabiabarrena, Inaki Merideno, Aitziber LopezArancibia and Raúl Antón

Multiple Approach Experimental Project for Engaging Students in Learning: Implementation and Assessment


Javier Echávarri, Eduardo de la Guerra, Andrés Díaz, Enrique Chacón, José Luis Muñoz and Juan Manuel Munoz-Guijosa

The Role of Computer-Assisted Self-Assessment in Courses with a Large Enrollment


Dennis V De Pellegrin and Catherine P Sweeney

Teaching Engineering Tribology: Elements of Assessment Design for Different Learning Styles


Sami W. Tabsh, Hany A. El-Kadi and Akmal S. Abdelfatah

Past and Present Engineering Students’ Views on Academic Dishonesty at a Middle-Eastern University


Natalija Stojanovic and Emina Milovanovic

Teaching Introductory Parallel Computing Course with Hands-On Experience


Kyle F. Trenshaw, Marina Miletic, Joseph W. Schlude, Ayesha S. Tillman,Troy J. Vogel,

Jerrod A. Henderson and Edmund G. Seebauer

Chemical Engineering Design Projects Across the Curriculum at a Large Research-Intensive Public University


Igor M. Verner and Sergei Gamer

Robotics Laboratory Classes for Spatial Training of Novice Engineering Students


Yi-Lin Liu, Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Tzy-Ling Chen and Horn-Jiunn Sheen

Identifying Nanotechnology Professional Competencies for Engineering Students Using Q Methodology


Yu-Liang (Aldy) Chang

Using Mechatronics Curriculum Design in Enhancing Vocational High-School Students’ Competence in Scientific Inquiry


Hisham Alidrisi

Development of a Study Plan for Industrial Engineering Program Using Interpretive Structural Modeling Technique


Mo´nica F. Bugallo, Angela M. Kelly and

Minsu Ha

Impact of a University-Based Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Program for High School Students



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