Vol 31-6B


Special Issue

Selected Papers from the 2014 Capstone Design Conference


Guest Editors

Steven Beyerlein—University of Idaho, USA

Jay Goldberg—Marquette University, USA

Susannah Howe—Smith College, USA

Scott Palo—University of Colorado, USA

Renee Rogge—Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, USA

R. Keith Stanfill—University of Florida, USA


Steven Beyerlein, Jay Goldberg Susannah Howe, Scott Palo Renee Rogge and R. Keith Stanfill


Guest Editorial




Mohammad G. Rasul, Justine J. Lawson,

Prue Howard, Fae Martin and Roger Hadgraft


Learning and Teaching Approaches and Methodologies of Capstone FinalYear Engineering Projects




Jay McCormack, Steve Beyerlein, Patricia Brackin, Edwin Odom and Dan Cordon


Snapshot Style Poster Sessions for Formative Inter-Team Design Feedback in Capstone Courses




Matthew W. Ohland, David Giurintano, Brian Novoselich, Patsy Brackin and Shraddha Sangelkar


Supporting Capstone Teams: Lessons from Research on Motivation




Charles Pezeshki and Steve Beyerlein


Improving Capstone Design Outcomes and Student Development by Coaching the Client




Jay Goldberg and Susannah Howe


Virtual Capstone Design Teams: Preparing for Global Innovation




Clifford A. Whitfield, Robert B. Rhoads and Jacob T. Allenstein


Multidisciplinary Capstone: Academic Preparation and Important Outcomes for Engineering Practice




Ada Hurst and Oscar G. Nespoli


Peer Review in Capstone Design Courses: An Implementation Using Progress Update Meetings




Justine Lawson, Mohammad G. Rasul, Prue Howard, Fae Martin, Roger Hadgraft and Rob Jarman


Getting it Right: The Case for Supervisors Assessing Process in Capstone Projects




Peter F. Rogers and Denny C. Davis


Framework for Developing Assessments for Capstone Design Course Outcomes




Gene Dixon and Denny Davis


Design Reviews for Capstone Courses




Olga Pierrakos, Elise Barrella and Kylie Stoup


On the Impacts of Panel-based Technical Design Reviews during the Capstone Design Experience at James Madison University: From Implementation to Mixed-Methods Evidence




Katherine Kuder, Nirmala Gnanapragasam and J. Paul Smith-Pardo


Role and Impact of Structural Retrofit Capstone Projects




Nirmala Gnanapragasam, J. Wesley Lauer, J. Paul Smith-Pardo, Michael Marsolek and Nathan Canney


International Civil Engineering Capstone Projects—Benefits, Challenges and Lessons Learned




David Alexander, Greg Watkins, Steve Beyerlein and Scott Metlen


Processes to Formalize Sponsored Educational Activity Agreements between Industry and Universities Related to Capstone Design Projects




Nicholas S. Baker, William J. Macauley, Jr. and Emil J. Geiger


Use of Writing Fellows to Support an Engineering Capstone Course




Tracy Ann Robinson, Javier Calvo-Amodio, John P. Parmigiani and Vicki Tolar Burton


Capstone Design as an Individual Writing Experience






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