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Mudd Design Workshop IX

Design Thinking in Design Education


Guest Editor

Gordon G. Krauss—Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA



Remembering Clive L. Dym



Gordon G. Krauss

Guest Editorial

Aaron Altman and Gordon G. Krauss

The Key  Ideas of  MDW IX: A Summary

Nicholas D. Fila, Justin L. Hess, S˛ enay Purzer and Emily Dringenberg

Engineering Students’ Utilization of Empathy during a  Non-Immersive Conceptual Design Task

Colin M. Gray, Colleen M. Seifert, Seda Yilmaz, Shanna R. Daly and Richard Gonzalez

What is the Content of ‘‘Design Thinking’’? Design Heuristics as Conceptual Repertoire

Micah Lande

Catalysts for Design Thinking and Engineering  Thinking: Fostering Ambidextrous  Mindsets for Innovation

Ibrahim  Mohedas and  Shanna R. Daly and Kathleen  H. Sienko

Use of Skill Acquisition Theory to Understand Novice to Expert Development in Design  Ethnography

Neeraj Sonalkar, Ade Mabogunje and Larry Leifer

Developing a Design Thinking Curriculum for Venture Creation in Resource-Constrained  Environment

Dylan Moore, Jonathan Sauder and Yan Jin

Exploring Dual-Processes of Iteration in Conceptual Design

David  I. Levine, Martha  A. Lesniewski and Alice M. Agogino

Design Thinking in Development Engineering

Gordon  G. Krauss, James McConnaughey, Emma Frederick and Debra Mashek

Effects of Time Pressure and Presence of a Fixating Design Example on Novice Designers’ Effective Use of a Matrix Tool in a Design Selection Task

Jessica A. Artiles and Micah Lande

Broadening Non-Designers’ Solutions for Big Issues: The Education Design Shop Design Thinking Workshop

Alice M. Agogino, Sara L. Beckman, Carmen Castaños, Julia Kramer, Celeste Roschuni and Maria Yang

Design Practitioners’ Perspectives on Methods for Ideation and Prototyping

Shawn Jordan and Micah Lande

Additive Innovation in Design Thinking and Making

Gordon G. Krauss and Lawrence Neeley

Peer Review Feedback in an Introductory Design Course: Increasing Student Comments and Questions through the use of Written Feedback

Adam R. Carberry, Samantha R. Brunhaver, Kristine R. Csavina and Ann F. McKenna

Comparison of Written versus Verbal Peer Feedback for Design Projects

Ken Yasuhara, Ryan C. Campbell and Cynthia J. Atman

Where Do Engineering Students Learn to Consider Design Problem Context

Monica E. Cardella, Heidi A. Diefes-Dux and Farshid Marbouti

Written  Feedback  on  Design:  A  Comparison  of  Students  and  Educators

Golnaz Arastoopour, David Williamson Shaffer, Zachari Swiecki, A. R. Ruis and Naomi  C. Chesler

Teaching and Assessing Engineering Design Thinking with Virtual Internships and Epistemic Network Analysis

Jenn Stroud Rossmann

Engineering Design as a Liberal Art: A First-Semester Introduction to Design Thinking

Matthew T. Siniawski, Sandra G. Luca, Jose A. Saez and Jeremy S.  Pal

Design Thinking and Service-Learning for First-Year Engineering Students

Borjana Mikic and Alan Rudnitsky

An Emergent Approach to Design Thinking and Collaborative Team Composition in an Introduction to Engineering Course

Borjana Mikic, Susannah Howe, Fraser Stables, James Middlebrook, Angie Hauser, Chris Aiken, Reid Bertone Johnson and Eitan Mendelowitz

Design Thinking and the Liberal Arts: a Cross-Campus Initiative at Smith College

Ville Taajamaa, Mona Eskandari, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala and Tapio Salakoski

O-CDIO:  Emphasizing Design Thinking in CDIO Engineering Cycle

Ade Mabogunje, Neeraj Sonalkar and Larry Leifer


Design Thinking: A New Foundational Science for Engineering


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