Vol 32-5 B





Special Issue

Engineering Education for All


Guest Editor

Andrés Díaz Lantada—School of Industrial Engineering,

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Andrés Díaz Lantada

Guest Editorial

Andrés Díaz Lantada, Juan Manuel

Munoz-Guijosa, Enrique Chacón

Tanarro, Javier Echávarri Otero and

José Luis Muñoz Sanz

Engineering Education for All: Strategies and Challenges

Colin Burvill, Bruce Field, Zulkeflee Abdullah and Maizam Alias

Problem-Solving with Industrial Drawings: Supporting Formal Graphics Language Development for Malaysian Engineering Graduates

Jinsong Tao, Stephen C. Mcclure, Jianjun Chen, Tingxin Song and Xishan Wen

Integrated Pedagogy for Specialty Courses in Chinese Engineering Education

Zin-Eddine Dadach

An Introductory Chemical Engineering Course Based on Analogies and Research-Based Learning

J. Mazorra, J. Lumbreras, I. Ortiz- Marcos, C. G. H. Díaz-Ambrona, A. M. Carretero, M. Á. Egido, B. Gesto, J. A. Mancebo, D. Pereira, M. SierraCastañer, S. Vignote, J. Moreno-Serna and C. Mataix

Using the Project Based Learning (PBL) Methodology to Assure a Holistic and Experiential Learning on a Master’s Degree on Technology for Human Development and Cooperation

Luis Ballesteros-Sánchez, Isabel Ortiz- Marcos, Antonio Ros Serrano and

Rocío Rodríguez-Rivero

Defining a new Project-Based Learning model: Challenges in a New Economic and Social Context

Moon-Soo Kim

Capstone Course Support System with Knowledge Acquisition and

Utilization for Participant-directed Learning

Emre Ozkop

A Virtual Electric Power Transmission Line Lab

D. Kováč, I. Kováčová, T. Vince, J. Molnár, J. PerduÎak, M. Bereš and J. Dziak

An Automated Measuring Laboratory (VMLab) in Education

Antonio De Amescua, Jose María

Alvarez-Rodríguez, María-Isabel Sanchez-Segura and Fuensanta Medina-Domínguez

An Agile Framework Definition for Creating an Engineering Massive Open Online Course from Scratch: A Case Study

José L. Martín, Héctor R. AmadoSalvatierra and José R. Hilera

MOOCs for all: Evaluating the accessibility of top MOOC platforms

I. Ortiz-Marcos, T. Fransson, P. Hagström and J. Mazorra

Project Based Learning in an International Context in Sustainability and the Global Economy. T.I.M.E. European Summer School: A Truly European Learning Experience

Meera K. Joseph and Farouk Varachia

Foundry Students’ Experiences under Engineering Programme for Localization

Antoni Perez-Poch, Noelia Olmedo- Torre, Fermín Sánchez, Núria Salán and David López

On the Influence of Creativity in Basic Programming Learning in a First-Year Engineering Course

Beatriz Amante García, Noelia Olmedo- Torre, Elena Cano García and Maite Fernández-Ferrer

A Comparative Analysis of the Incorporation of Skills at the Master’s Degree Level

Morgan M. Hynes, Cole Joslyn, Avneet Hira, James Holly, Jr. and Nicholas Jubelt

Exploring Diverse Pre-College Students’ Interests and Understandings of Engineering to Promote Engineering Education for All


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