Vol 32-6




Section I

Special Issue

Research in Engineering Education


Guest Editors

Robin Clark—Aston University, Birmingham, UK

Khairiyah Mohd Yusof—Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Mohd Fadzil Daud—Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Section II

Contributions in: Transfer Students, Motivation, First-Year Students, Psychometric Analysis, Epistemic Cognition, Interactive Physical Models, Physical Laboratories, Experiential Learning, PBL, Virtual Laboratories, LabVIEW Applications, Technology Enhanced Learning, Global Learning, Plagiarism, Conceptual Learning, Electric Circuits, Computer Networks, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering, Sustainability, Physics



Ahmad Ibrahim

Robin Clark, Mohd Fadzil Daud


Guest Editorial

and Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof




Section I


Anne Gardner and Keith Willey

Framing the Academic Identity of Emerging Researchers in Engineering Education



Junaid A. Siddiqui, Cheryl Allendoerfer, Robin S. Adams and Bill Williams

Integration of Scholarship: Interconnections among Three Studies on Becoming an Engineering Education Researcher



Jonte Bernhard and Caroline Baillie

Standards for Quality of Research in Engineering Education



Elliot P. Douglas, Jack Vargas and Claudia Sotomayor

Student Construction of Knowledge in an Active Learning Classroom



Syed Ahmad Helmi, Khariyah Mohd- Yusof and Fatin Aliah Phang

Enhancement of Team-based Problem Solving Skills in Engineering Students through Cooperative Problem-based Learning



Jane Andrews and Robin Clark

A Community Based Participatory Research Study into Why Some Girls Don’t ‘Do’ Engineering



Aini Nazura Paimin, Roger G. Hadgraft J. Kaya Prpic and Maizam Alias

An Application of the Theory of Reasoned Action: Assessing Success Factors of Engineering Students



Soheila Firouzian, Hamidreza Kashefi, Yudariah Mohammad Yusof, Zaleha Ismail and Roselainy Abdul Rahman

Mathematical Competencies as Perceived by Engineering Students, Lecturers, and Practicing Engineers



Section II



Catherine E. Brawner and Catherine Mobley

Advising Matters: Engineering Transfer Students’ Transition Experiences at Five Institutions



Aharon Gero, Yinnon Stav andNetanel Yamin

Increasing Motivation of Engineering Students: Combining ‘‘Real World’’ Examples in a Basic Electric Circuits Course



Kenneth J. Reid, P. K. Imbrie, Joe J. J. Lin, Teri Reed and Jason C. Immekus

Psychometric Properties and Stability of the Student Attitudinal Success Instrument: The SASI-I



Courtney Faber, Penelope Vargas and

Lisa Benson

Engineering Students’ Epistemic Cognition in a Research Environment



Jacqueline K. Burgher, David M. Finkel, Bernard J. Van Wie and Olusola O. Adesope

Implementing and Assessing Interactive Physical Models in the Fluid Mechanics Classroom



Zeljko Stojanov, Dalibor Dobrilovic andTamara Zoric

Solving Problems in a Physical Laboratory for Computer Networks and Data Security: A Conceptual Framework with Students’ Experiences



K. Giridharan and R. Raju

The Impact of Experiential Learning Methodology on Student Achievement in Mechanical Automotive Engineering Education



Loralyn Greene, Kimberly Ellis, Dale Masel, Leily Farrokhvar, Michael Ogle and Eileen Van Aken

A Program to Engage College Students in the Material Handling and Logistics Industry



Enrique Justo, Antonio Delgado, Manuel Vázquez-Boza and Luis A. Branda

Implementation of Problem-Based Learning in Structural Engineering: A Case Study



D. Ferna´ndez, F. J. Ruiz, L. Bellido, E. Pastor, O. Walid and V. Mateos

Enhancing Learning Experience in Computer Networking through a Virtualization-Based Laboratory Model



Stanislaw Jerzak and M. C. George

LabVIEW for Data Acquisition and Instrument Control in an Introductory Physics Laboratory for Engineering Undergraduates



Yun Dai, Ang Liu, James Morrison and Stephen Lu

Systemic Design of Interactive Learning Environment for Global Engineering Courses



Hoda Baytiyeh

Toward the Formation of Competitive Global Engineers: The Challenges Facing Engineering Education in Lebanon



Brad Stappenbelt, Senevi Kiridena, David Hastie and Abheek Basu

An Investigation of International Postgraduate Engineering Students’ Attitudes and Abilities Related to Avoiding Plagiarism



Carla M. Firetto, Peggy N. Van Meter, Stephen R. Turns and Thomas A. Litzinger

The Validation of a Conceptual Reasoning Inventory for Introductory Thermodynamics



Chiong Kai Shing, Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad and Abdul Aziz Abdul Raman

Integrating Components of Sustainability into Chemical Engineering Curricula




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