Vol 33-1B




Special Issue

Current Trends in K-12 Engineering Education

Guest Editors

Wei-Fan Chen, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Pao-Nan Chou, National University of Tainan, Taiwan.


Wei-Fan Chen and Pao-Nan Chou

Guest Editorial

Howard Kimmel, Linda Hirsch, Levelle Burr-Alexander and Ronald Rockland

Engineering & STEM: Complementary Areas of Study

Christine M. Cunningham and Gregory J. Kelly

Framing Engineering Practices in Elementary School Classrooms

Vivien M. Chabalengula, Sonia A. Bendjemil, Frackson Mumba and Jennifer Chiu

Nature and Extent of Science and Engineering Practices Coverage in K-12 Engineering Curriculum Materials

Mike Ryan, Jessica Gale and Marion Usselman

Integrating Engineering into Core Science Instruction: Translating NGSS Principles into Practice through Iterative Curriculum Design

Carlos García-García, Vicente Chulvi Ramos and Julia Galán Serrano

Sculpture Development as an Informal Activity for Learning Engineering Abilities in K-12 Students

Lyn D. English and Donna King

Engineering Education with Fourth-Grade Students: Introducing Design-Based Problem Solving

Roxanne A. Moore, Sunni H. Newton and Amanda D. Baskett

The InVenture Challenge: Inspiring STEM Learning Through Invention and Entrepreneurship

J. Chiu, A. Gonczi, X. Fu and M. D. Burghardt

Supporting Informed Engineering Design across Formal and Informal Contexts with WISEngineering

Pao-Nan Chou, Wei-Fan Chen, Chong-Yan Wu and Robert P. Carey

Utilizing 3D Open Source Software to Facilitate Student Learning of Fundamental Engineering Knowledge: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Liliana Fernández-Samacá, Nelson Barrera, Luis Ariel Mesa and Wilson Javier Pérez-Holguín

Engineering for Children by using Robotics

Linda S. Hirsch, Suzanne Berliner-Heyman and Jacqueline L. Cusack

Introducing Middle School Students to Engineering Principles and the Engineering Design Process Through an Academic Summer Program

Andreja Drobnič Vidic

Teachers’ Beliefs about STEM Education Based on Realisation of the ‘‘Energy as a Value’’ Project in the Slovenian School System

Nuri Balta, Sevda Yerdelen-Damar and Adam R. Carberry

Vocational High School Students’ Engineering Epistemological Beliefs

Wen-Jye Shyr, Wei-Chin Liu, Po-Wen Liu and Chi-Feng Feng

Development and Validation of Energy Technology Competency Survey for Vocational High School Student in Taiwan

Meltem Alemdar, Jeremy A. Lingle, Stefanie A. Wind and Roxanne A. Moore

Developing an Engineering Design Process Assessment Using Think-Aloud Interviews

Morgan M. Hynes, Corey Mathis, Şenay Purzer, Anastasia Rynearson and Emilie Siverling

Systematic Review of Research in P-12 Engineering Education from 2000–2015

Holly M. Matusovich, Cheryl A. Carrico, Marie C. Paretti and Matthew A. Boynton

Engineering as a Career Choice in Rural Appalachia: Sparking and Sustaining Interest

Pao-Nan Chou and Wei-Fan Chen

Elementary School Students’ Conceptions of Engineers: A Drawing Analysis Study in Taiwan

Michelle R. Oswald Beiler

Sustainability Interest and Knowledge of Future Engineers: Identifying Trends in Secondary School Students


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