Vol 33-6




Contributions in: Active Learning, PBL, Flipped Classroom, Educational Games, STEM,

Assessment, Creativity, Student Enterprise, Virtual Internship, Distributed Practice,

Multidisciplinary Education, Diversity, Motivation, Engineering Curriculum,

Project Management, Mechanics, Engineering Architecture, Advanced Manufacturing,

Electrical Engineering, Hardware Design, Physics, Mobile Learning, Modelling,

Hydraulic Systems, Engineering Laboratories


Ahmad Ibrahim




Prateek Shekhar and Maura Borrego

Examining Instructional Change: An Observational Study of Engineering Instructors’ Use of Active Learning



Mario Solís and Antonio Romero

PBL from Real Projects and Students Initiative: A Case Study



Matej Mihić and Ivica Završki

Professors’ and Students’ Perception of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Based Learning



Urban Burnik and Marko Meža

Open-Source Impedance Measurement Instrument Development Project Enhances Engineering Students’ Technical and Organizational Skills



Shi-Jer Lou, Cheng-Pei Liang and Chih-Chao Chung

Effectiveness of Combining STEM Activities and PBL: A Case Study of the Design of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Gudmundur V. Oddsson and Runar Unnthorsson

Flipped Classroom Improves the Student’s Exam Performance in a First Year Engineering Course

Enrique Abad, Julia Gil and Pilar Suárez

A Game-Based Educational Method Relying on Student-Generated Questions



Omar Cheidde Chaim and Edson Walmir Cazarini

Peer and Self-grading: Comparisons between Analytical and Holistic Rubrics in an Engineering Classroom



Chao Mou, Qing Zhou and Xiaoling Zou

Understanding and Predicting Poor Performance of Computer Science Students from Short Time Series Test Results



Petre Ogrutan, Ana-Maria Cazan and Lia-Elena Aciu

Difficulties of Evolution from Imitation to Creativity in Engineering Education



Milovan Lazarevic, Djordje Vukelic, Stevan Stankovski, Nemanja Sremcev and Gordana Ostojic

Enhancing Student Competence through Novel Student Enterprise Concept



Matthew R Markovetz, Sean Sullivan, Renee M Clark, Zachari Swiecki, Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens, David W. Shaffer, Naomi C. Chesler and Cheryl A Bodnar

A Grounded Qualitative Analysis of the Effect of a Focus Group on Design Process in a Virtual Internship



M. D. Thouless

Slow and Steady: The Effects of Teaching a One-Semester Introductory Mechanics Class Over a Year

Naseem Daher, Farook Hamzeh and Sara I. Khaddaj

Breaking Down the Walls—An Introductory Course in Engineering and Architecture



Mahmoud Dinar, Roby Lynn, Evan Barnett, Andre´s Garcı´a, Gregory Kurfess,

Thomas Tucker and Thomas Kurfess

Easy Sculpting: A Pilot Study in Teaching CNC Machining to Students From Disparate Backgrounds Without Learning G-Code

Allison Godwin, Adam Kirn and Jacqueline A. Rohde

Awareness Without Action: Student Attitudes Toward Team Diversity after Engineering Teaming Experiences

Shai Mano-Israeli and Aharon Gero

What Drives Teachers to Teach Electronics at a Two-Year Technical College? A Self-Determination Theory Perspective



Jacek Uziak, M. Tunde Oladiran, Marian Gizejowski and Kurt Becker

Incorporating General Education Components into an Engineering Curriculum

Luis Ballesteros-Sánchez, Isabel Ortiz- Marcos, Rocío Rodríguez-Rivero and Jesús Juan-Ruiz

Project Management Training: An Integrative Approach for Strengthening the Soft Skills of Engineering Students

K. Kloboves, J. Mihelič, P. Bulič andT. Dobravec

FPGA-Based SIC/XE Processor and Supporting Toolchain



Víctor Robledo-Rella, Luis Neri, Julieta Noguez and Andrés González-Nucamendi

The Use of Mobile Learning Resources to Enhance Physics Learning for Engineering Students: A Six Year Study

Marjan Golob and Božidar Bratina

Modelling, Simulation and Control of Hydraulic Systems for Educational Purposes



Mostafa A-B Ebrahim, Hani Shafeek, Youssef Mobarak, Mohamed F. Soliman, M. H. Abdel-Aziz, Ahmed Abouelfadl, M. Bassyouni, Mohammed Aman and Asif uz Zaman

Factors Affecting Design, Construction and Renovation of Engineering Laboratories

Ane Sarasola, Marta Huebra, Jose Luis Zubimendi and Ana Okariz

Importance of the Formulation of Hypothesis and Design of Experiments in Introductory Laboratories


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