Volume 34 Number 1




Contributions in: First Year Courses and Students, Design Assessment, Computer Graphics,

Gender Equality, Service Projects, Student Success, Major Selection, K-12 Engineering,

Reasoning, Conceptual Knowledge, Creativity, Motivation, Undergraduate Research

Experiences, Guided Enquiry Learning, Challenge Based Learning, Active Learning,

Gamification, Entrepreneurship, Self-Efficacy, Co-Creation, Employability Skills,

Educational Software, Internet of Things, Laboratory Design, Data Analysis,

Aerospace Engineering Statics, Thermodynamics


Ahmad Ibrahim




Kenneth Reid, David Reeping and Elizabeth Spingola

A Taxonomy for Introduction to Engineering Courses



Scott R. Bartholomew, Greg J. Strimel and Andrew Jackson

A Comparison of Traditional and Adaptive Comparative Judgment Assessment Techniques for Freshmen Engineering Design Projects

Juan Ruiz De Miras, Daniel Expósito, David Rocha and María Dolores Robles

A Web Application to Support Teaching of Computer Graphics to Engineering Students

Manuel Torres, Sara Ferreira, Armando Sousa, Luciano Moreira and Raquel Torres

Welcome to Engineering: Gender Equality in Learning and Integration among First Year Students

Idalis Villanueva, Suzanne Jones, LeAnn Putney and Brett Campbell

Puzzling the Pieces: Conceptual Blocks of Engineering Student Ideas in a Service Learning Project

So Yoon Yoon, Monica Cortez, P. K. Imbrie and Teri Reed

A Comparative Study of Student Success between First-Time-In-College and First-Time-Transfer Engineering Students

Rachel L. Kajfez and Krista M. Kecskemety, Emily S. Miller, Kathryn E. Gustafson, Kerry

L. Meyers, Gregory W. Bucks and Katherine Tanner

First-Year Engineering Students’ Perceptions of Engineering Disciplines: A Qualitative Investigation

Anthony J. Petrosino and Prateek Shekhar

Expert Blind Spot Among Pre-service and In-service Teachers: Beliefs About Algebraic Reasoning and Potential Impact on Engineering Education



C. Danielle Grimes, Rachel J. McFalls- Brown, M. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Rani W. Sullivan

A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Multiple Background Factors Affecting Aerospace Engineering Student Success



Christopher Venters, Cassandra Groen, lisa D. McNair and Marie C. Paretti

Using Writing Assignments to Improve Learning in Statics: A Mixed Methods Study

Wilson Díaz, Francisco Santamaria and Cesar L. Trujillo

Creativity in Engineering: An issue of Memes, Domain, Field and Individual

Dong San Choi, Katherine A. Earl, Kelly J. Cross and Geoffrey L. Herman

The Challenge of Using Research-Based Instructional Strategies: Insights from an Effectiveness Study of the Intrinsic Motivation Course Conversion

Debarati Basu, Vinod K. Lohani and John A. Muffo

Analysis of Undergraduate Research Experiences in an Interdisciplinary Water Science and Engineering Program

Elliot P. Douglas, M. David Miller, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Timothy Wells, Timothy Raymond, Cindy Waters and William L. Hughes

Guided Inquiry Learning Across Educational Contexts



Kwame. S. Ibwe, Ellen A. Kalinga, Nerey

H. Mvungi, Hannu Tenhunen and

Ville Taajamaa

The Impact of Industry Participation on Challenge Based Learning



Eunsik Kim, Ling Rothrock and Andris Freivalds

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Lab Gamification on Engineering Students’ Satisfaction and Learning

Marta Duarte De Barros, Jéssica Galdino De Freitas, Helder Gomes Costa, Ruben Huamanchumo Gutierrez and Cristina Gomes De Souza

The Choosing of Teaching Methods According to Entrepreneurial Profiles: A Multicriteria Approach:

Maizam Alias, Tahira Anwar Lashari, Zainal Abidin Akasah and Mohd Jahaya


Self-Efficacy, Attitude, Student Engagement: Emphasising the Role of Affective Learning Attributes Among Engineering Students

Gabriela Ribes-Giner, M. Rosario Perello- Marin and Odette Pantoja Díaz

Co-creation in Undergraduate Engineering Programs: Effects of Communication and Student Participation

Ali Rizwan, Ayhan Demirbas, Nader Al Sayed Hafiz and Umair Manzoor

Analysis of Perception Gap between Employers and Fresh Engineering Graduates about Employability Skills: A Case Study of Pakistan

Sasa Adamovic, Marko Sarac, Dusan Stamenkovic and Dalibor Radovanovic

The Importance of the Using Software Tools for Learning Modern Cryptography

Kimmo Karvinen and Tero Karvinen

IoT Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Setup



Adrián Mota-Babiloni, Pavel Makhnatch, Joaquín Navarro-Esbrí, Francisco Molés and Rahmatollah Khodabandeh

Design of an Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration Laboratory Based on Cooling Capacity Calculation for Graduate Students



Wei Zhan

Application of Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility in Root Cause Analysis of Electronics Problems in an Engineering Technology Course




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