Volume 34 Number 2



Contributions in: Concept Mapping, Teaching Concepts, Non-Cognitive Factors,

Creativity, Students’ Satisfaction, Identity, Retention, Curriculum Development,

M-Learning, Technology Integration, Engineering Careers, Capstone Projects, Design

Education, Software Design, Game Design, Big Data Processing, Virtual Laboratories,

Simulations, Heat Transfer, Communication Networks, Construction Engineering


Ahmad Ibrahim




Ning Fang

An Analysis of Student Experiences with Concept Mapping in a Foundational Undergraduate Engineering Course



Michael Prince, Margot Vigeant, Katharyn Nottis and Gary Nottis

Teaching Concepts Using Inquiry-Based Instruction: How Well Does Learning Stick?

Ryan R. Senkpeil and Edward Berger

Impact of Non-Cognitive Factors on the Performance of First-Year Engineering Undergraduates



Hongbing Chen, Tianqi Tao and Chunfang Zhou

Fostering Creative Young Engineers in Chinese Universities



Magaly Dantas De Melo, Jamerson Viegas Queiroz, Fernanda Cristina Queiroz,

Jesus Leodaly Salazar Aramayo and Clayton Levy Lima De Melo

Determination of the Factors Contributing to Graduate Students’ Satisfaction: A Case Study from Brazil

Anita D. Patrick, Maura Borrego and Alexis N. Prybutok

Predicting Persistence in Engineering through an Engineering Identity Scale



Murat Karakaya, Meltem Eryilmaz and Ulas Ceyhan

Analyzing Students’ Academic Success in Pre-requisite Course Chains: A Case Study in Turkey

Mostafa Al-Emran, Vitaliy Mezhuyev and Adzhar Kamaludin

Students’ Perceptions Towards the Integration of Knowledge Management Processes in M-learning Systems: A Preliminary Study

Wei-Fan Chen, Pao-Nan Chou, Yen-Ning Su and Heng-Yan Chen

Electrical Engineering Faculty’s Perspectives Towards Integrating Technologies into Teaching and Learning

Carlos Vaz de Carvalho, Manuel Caeiro-

Rodríguez, Martín Llamas Nistal, Melani Hromin, Andrea Bianchi, Olivier Heidmann, Hariklia Tsalapatas and Alper Metin

Using Video Games to Promote Engineering Careers


Fermín Sánchez Carracedo, Joan Climent, Julita Corbalán, Pau Fonseca i Casas,

Jordi Garcia, José R. Herrero, Horacio

Rodriguez and Maria-Ribera Sancho

A Proposal to Develop and Assess Professional Skills in Engineering Final Year Projects

Brett Stone, Steven E. Gorrell and Michael Richey

Profile-Based Team Organization in Multi-University Capstone Engineering Design Teams

David C. Jensen and Dennis Beck

Centralized Generative Design Activities to Enable Design throughout the Engineering Curriculum



P. Garrido, F. J. Martinez, J. Barrachina, S. Baldassarri, E. Cerezo and F. J. Seron

Learning through Embodied Conversational Agents with Semantic Memory



Martin K.-C. Yeh

Examining Novice Programmers’ Software Design Strategies through Verbal Protocol Analysis



Simon McCallum, Deepti Mishra and Mariusz Nowostawski

Enhancing Software Engineering Education with Game Design and Development

Alenka Kavčič, Matevž Pesek, Ciril Bohak and Matija Marolt

Introducing On-site Customers in Agile Software Development Projects: An Alternative Approach to Project Work in Engineering Education

Jianliang Gao, Jinfang Sheng and Zuping Zhang

Big Data Processing: A Graduate Course for Engineering Students



Ani Ural

A Virtual Biomechanics Laboratory Incorporating Advanced Image Processing and Finite Element Modeling



Negar Beheshti Pour, David B. Thiessen and Bernard J. Van Wie

Improving Student Understanding and Motivation in Learning Heat Transfer by Visualizing Thermal Boundary Layers

Frederico Nogueira Leite, Eduardo Shigueo Hoji and Humberto Abdala Júnior

Collaborative Teaching and Learning Strategies for Communication Networks

Elham H. Fini and Mahour M. Parast

Use of a Case Study to Improve Learning Outcomes of Construction Engineering Students




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