Vol 34-6





Contributions in: Identity Formation, Emotions, Self-Efficacy, Communications Skills,

Co-Op Programs, Social Media, Ethics, Active Learning, PBL, Flipped Classroom,

Evaluation, Service Learning, Engineering Design, Ideation, Gamification,

Self-Regulation, Team Building, Technical Drawing, Production Engineering,

Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering


Ahmad Ibrahim


Nadia Kellam, Karen Gerow, Gregory Wilson, Joachim Walther and Joshua Cruz

Exploring Emotional Trajectories of Engineering Students: A Narrative Research Approach

Ann S. Lourens and Liesl S. Pannell

Self-Efficacy of Engineering Students at a South African University— Findings from a Longitudinal Study

Justin L. Hess, Anthony Chase, Grant A. Fore and Brandon Sorge

Quantifying Interpersonal Tendencies of Engineering and Science Students: A Validation Study

Rodrigo Fernando Herrera, Juan Carlos Vielma and Felipe Muńoz La Rivera

Impact of Microteaching on Engineering Students’ Communication Skills

Fabrice Mantelet, Frederic Segonds and Camille Jean

Additive Creativity: An Innovative Way to Enhance Manufacturing Engineering Education

Jacqueline C. McNeil and Alex D. Beebe

Students’ Ease, Time, and Coping with Transitions from Co-op to the University

Edward Berger and Edward Pan

Relationship of Blog and Video Usage Patterns to Academic Performance in Undergraduate Mechanics

Cigdem Turhan and Ibrahim Akman

Integration of Social Media into Engineering Education: A Comparative Study on Perceptions of Faculty and Students

Yasser E. Ibrahim

Integrated Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness: A Case Study

Kumar Yelamarthi

Improving Student Success Through an Effective Learner-Centered Course in Introductory Engineering, Mathematics, and Programming

Beto Catz, Nissim Sabag and Aharon Gero

Problem Based Learning and Students’ Motivation: The Case of an Electronics Laboratory Course

Ignasi Florensa, Marianna Bosch, Josep Gascón and Carl Winslřw

Study and Research Paths: A New tool for Design and Management of Project Based Learning in Engineering

Benjamin P. Jacobson, Michael C. Dorneich and Leslie A. Potter

Impact of Lecture Video Acceleration in a Flipped Introductory Engineering Course

Jing Yan, Lin Li, Jianjun Yin and Yujing Nie

A Comparison of Flipped and Traditional Classroom Learning: A Case Study in Mechanical Engineering

Aline Cazarini Felício and Jorge Muniz Jr

Evaluation Model of Student Competencies for Discussion Forums: An Application in a Post-Graduate Course in Production Engineering

Sung-Hee Jin

Collaborative Instructional Models for Teaching Community Service to Engineering Students

Greg J. Strimel, Eunhye Kim, Scott R. Bartholomew and Diana V. Cantu

Examining Engineering Design Cognition with Respect to Student Experience and Performance

Radul Milutinović, Biljana Stošić,

Mladen Čudanov and Velimir Štavljanin

A Conceptual Framework of Game-Based Ideation

Iris Bento Da Silva and Oswaldo Luiz Agostinho

A Strategy for Teaching and Learning Technical Drawing

Oenardi Lawanto and Andreas Febrian

Investigating the Influence of Context on Students’ Self-Regulation during the Capstone Design Course

Muhammad Khalid Shaikh and

Psychographd: A Team Building Platform for Software Engineering Students

Kamran Ahsan

Denise M. Wilson and Mee Joo Kim

Do Engineering Students View Sustainability Differently from Students in Other Majors?


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