Vol 35-5




Section I


Special Issue

Open Source & Collaborative Project Based Learning in Engineering Education


Guest Editors

Andrés Díaz Lantada—Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Carmelo De Maria—Università di Pisa, Italy



Ahmad Ibrahim




Andrés Díaz Lantada and

Carmelo De Maria

Guest Editorial



Andrés Díaz Lantada and

Carmelo de Maria

Towards Open-Source and Collaborative Project-Based Learning in Engineering Education: Situation, Resources and Challenges



Juan M. Munoz-Guijosa, Andrés Díaz Lantada, Javier Echávarri and Enrique Chacón

Using Smartphones Physical Interfaces in Engineering Education: Experiences in Promoting Student Motivation and Learning



Pilar Pazos, Stacie I. Ringleb, Jennifer Kidd and Rachel Jones

Scaffolding Project-Based Learning in an Engineering and Education Partnership using Open-Access Technology



William Villegas-Ch, Xavier Palacios- Pacheco, Diego Buenaño-Fernández and Sergio Luján-Mora

Comprehensive Learning System Based on the Analysis of Data and the Recommendation of Activities in a Distance Education Environment



Ayhan Istanbullu and Mustafa Tasci

Open Source Hardware—Arduino: Case Study on Mechanical Engineering Students Design Project


Manuel Vargas, Miguel Alfaro, Guillermo Fuertes, Gustavo Gatica,

Sebastian Gutierrez, Soledad Vargas,

Leonardo Banguera and Claudia Duran

CDIO Project Approach to Design Polynesian Canoes by First-Year Engineering Students



Kauser Jahan, Cheryl Bodnar, Stephanie Farrell, Ying Tang, Iman Noshadi, C. S. Slater and Demond S. Miller

*Improving Students’ Learning Behaviors Through Hands-On Algae Based Project



Emad Habib, Matthew Deshotel, Guolin Lai

and Robert Miller

Student Perceptions of an Active Learning Module to Enhance Data and Modeling Skills in Undergraduate Water Resources Engineering Education



Divna Krpan, Saša Mladenović and Goran Zaharija

The Framework for Project Based Learning of Object-Oriented Programming



Gordon Hoople, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Reddy

*Drones for Good: Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning Between Engineering and Peace Studies



O. Picton, R. Losada, I. Fernández De Bustos and E. Rojí

*Glued-Wood Structure Development Contests for Project Based Learning in Engineering and Architecture Degrees



Orna Muller, Vered Dangur and Orit Braun Benyamin

Developing Devices for People with Disabilities: Challenges and Gains of Project-Based Service Learning



Mandy Mclean, Jasmine Mcbeath, Tyler Susko, Danielle Harlow and Julie Bianchini

*University-Elementary School Partnerships: Analyzing the Impact of a Service-Learning Freshman Engineering Course on Students’ Engineering Values and Competence Beliefs



Brenda Vilas Boas, Marcus Dias, Pedro Batista, Aurenice Oliveira and Aldebaro Klautau

CELCOM Project: Engineering Practice via Community Networks in Amazon



Daniel López-Fernández, Laura Raya, Fernando Ortega and José Jesús García

Project Based Learning Meets Service Learning on Software Development Education



M. Royo, M. Carlos, R. Izquierdo and L. Cabedo

Industrial Design and Social Prospect: A Service-Learning Experience for Second Course Undergraduates



Gilberto Duarte Cuzzuol, Lílian Barros Pereira Campos, Diana Mesquita and Rui M. Lima

Collaborative PBL to Teach Calculus to Engineering Students: The Important Role of Collaborative Professors



Eri Ota, Rie Murakami and Proadpran Punyabukkana

Comparative Analysis on Effect of Multicultural Project-Based Learning Between Universities in Japan and Thailand



Danielle Miquilim and Marcia Terra da Silva

The Teaching of Innovative Entrepreneur Engineers: Key Factors that Contribute to Teaching-Learning Processes and University Management



Siva Chandrasekaran and Llewellyn Mann

Case Study of Facilitating Practice-Based Education in a Studio-Based Learning Environment


Section II

Contributions in: Global Competence, Internship, Flipped Classroom, Low Self-esteem,

Industry 4.0, CDIO, Motivation, MOOC, Assessment, and Critical Thinking,

Distributed Practice, Engineering Mathematics


Scott C. Streiner and Mary Besterfield-Sacre

*Measuring the Relative Impact of International Experiences on Engineering Students: A Benchmarking Analysis



Po-Wen Cheng, Po-Wen Liu, Chin-Chung Huang and Wen-Jye Shyr

The Effects of the Flipped Classroom on Technical High School Students with Low Self-Esteem



Cheng-Tang Tseng, Ching-Yi Lee and

Kuo-Cheng Tai

Development and Assessment of a Mold Design Curriculum Corresponding to Industry 4.0 Based on the CDIO Principles



Mitchell Zielinski, Victoria West,

Hillary E. Merzdorf, Kerrie A. Douglas and Peter Bermel

* Motivation and Perceived Costs to Achievement in Advanced MOOCs: A Mixed Method Study of Advanced Engineering MOOC Engineering Learners’ Motivation and Perceived Barriers



Adam R. Phillips and Colin Lambie

Assessing Civil Engineering Students Perceptions of Their Problem Solving Ability



Ahmet Refah Torun

The Effect of Weekly Distributed Mathematics Homework and Quizzes on the Learning Performance of Engineering Students




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