Vol 35-6B






Special Issue

Selected Papers from the 2018 Capstone Design Conference


Guest Editors

Susannah Howe—Smith College, MA, USA

Bridget Smyse—Northeastern University, Boston MA, USA

Robert Hart—The University of Texas at Dallas TX 7, USA

R. Keith Stanfil—University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA



Susannah Howe, Bridget Smyser, Robert Hart and R. Keith Stanfill

Guest Editorial: The 2018 Capstone Design Conference



Brian J. Novoselich and David B. Knight

*Relating Shared Leadership to Capstone Team Effectiveness



Emily Dringenberg, Annie Abell and Giselle Guanes

*Decision Making in Engineering Capstone Design: Participants’ Reactions to a Workshop about Diverse Types of Reasoning



Andrew Gouldstone and Bridget M. Smyser

Comparing Patterns of Quantitative Literacy in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Capstone Teams



Rick Parker, Shraddha Sangelkar, Matthew Swenson and Julie Dyke Ford

*Launching for Success: A Review of Team Formation for Capstone Design



Brian Novoselich, Daria Kotys-Schwartz, Kimberly Demoret, Marco Nunez and

Patricia Brackin

Considering Capstone Team Member Roles with a Shared Leadership Framework



John K. Estell, Susannah Howe, B. Kris Jaeger-Helton, Shraddha Sangelkar, Kristoph-Dietrich Kinzli and Dustin Rand

*Client Interaction Tools: Supporting Student Professionalism on Client-Based Capstone Design Projects



Rocio Alba-Flores and Fernando Rios

Incorporating Peer Review Techniques to Enhance Students’

Communication Skills and Team Performance in Engineering Capstone




Catherine D. D. Bowman, Linda T. Elkins-Tanton, Dean Bacalzo, Paul Howell, Eric J. Montgomery, Alfred Sanft, Dillon Briggs, Yitao Chen, Daniel McCarville, Ryan Meuth and Ming Zhao

*Coordinating Opportunistic Interdisciplinary Projects Across Single- Discipline Capstone Courses



Julie Ford, Marie Paretti, Daria KotysSchwartz, Susannah Howe, Christopher Gewirtz, Jessica Deters, Tahsin Mahmud Chowdhury, Robin Ott, Nicholas Emory Alvarez, Daniel Knight and Cristian Hernandez, Laura Mae Rosenbauer, Anne Kary and Francesca Giardine

*Transitioning from Capstone Design Courses to Workplaces: A Study of New Engineers’ First Three Months


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