Vol 36, No. 3






Section I

 Special Issue


Innovation in Applied Bioscience and Bioengineering Education


Guest Editors

Faiez Alani – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Carlos Filipe – McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



Ahmad Ibrahim




F. Alani and C. Filipe

Guest Editorial



Patric Wallin, Tom Adawi and Julie Gold

Involving Undergraduates in Research: Practices, Promises and Pointers



Seshasai Srinivasan and Nasim Muhammad

*Implementation of a Course in Computational Modeling of Biological Systems in an Undergraduate Engineering Program



Aileen Huang-Saad and Emmett Springer

*Transforming Biomedical Engineering Education Through Instructional Design



Amin Reza Rajabzadeh, Jennifer Long, Rebeca Grace Couper and Ana Gomez Cardoso

*Using Engineering Design Software to Motivate Student Learning for Math-Based Material in Biotechnology Courses



Fei Geng and Faiez Alani

*Innovative Integrated Curriculum in Engineering Biotechnology



Faiez Alani

*Development of Case-Based Learning (CBL) in Engineering Technology Education



Hao He, Heather K. Hunt and Johannes Strobel

*Switching Modalities: An Empirical Study of Learning Outcomes and Learners’ Perceptions in a Hybrid Bioengineering Course


Section II

Contributions in: Capstone Courses, Industry 4.0, PBL, STEM, Socialization Process,

TRIZ Learning, Diversity, Inclusivity, Assessment, Accreditation, Reflective Thinking,

Social Capital, Motivation, Identity, Active Learning, Attrition Rates, Knowledge Transfer,

Grassroot Teams, Gamification, Microprocessors, Aerospace Engineering, Biologically

Inspired Design, Mechanical Engineering, Product Development


Seong-Woo Kim

An Interdisciplinary Capstone Course on Creative Product Development with Cross-College Collaboration



Jelena Jovanović, Ðorðe Mijailović, Aleskandar Ðorðević and Miladin Stefanović

Application of Prototyping Microprocessor Board and Cloud System to Teach Industry 4.0 Concepts



Xiangyun Du, Anette Kolmos, Mahmood A. Hasan, Claus M. Spliid, Niels E. R. Lyngdorf and Youjin Ruan

Impact of a PBL-Based Professional Learning Program in Denmark on the Development of the Beliefs and Practices of Chinese STEM University Teachers



James J. Wingerter and Benjamin Ahn

*A Snapshot of the Socialization Process: Socialization Tactics, Behaviors, and Outcomes in the U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry



Wei Liu Runhua Tan Qingjin Peng Hui Li Zibiao Li and Bojun Yang

Impact of TRIZ Learning on Performance in Biologically Inspired Design



C. Danielle Grimes, M. Jean Mohammadi-Aragh and Tianlan Wei

Impact of Stereotype Threat on Engineering Undergraduates



Ola Rashwan, Issam Abu- Mahfouz and Mohamed Ismail

*Student-Centered Assessment of the Capstone Design Project Course in Mechanical Engineering Program



Mohamed Morsy, Kenneth Irizarry, Fawad Rauf and David Reavis

Charting New Waters: Curriculum Improvement in the Light of Applicable ABET-EAC Criteria Beginning in the 2019–2020 Cycle



Saira Anwar and Muhsin Menekse

*Unique Contributions of Individual Reflections and Teamwork on Engineering Students’ Academic Performance and Achievement Goals



Rohit Kandakatla, Edward Berger, Jeffrey F. Rhoads and Jennifer DeBoer

The Development of Social Capital in an Active, Blended, and Collaborative Engineering Class



Rachel L. Kajfez and Holly M. Matusovich

*The Role of Identity in Understanding Graduate Teaching Assistants: A Mixed Methods Analysis



José  V. Abellán-Nebot

A Project Based Approach for Teaching Product Development to Graduate Students



Mayra S. Artiles and Holly M Matusovich

Examining Doctoral Degree Attrition Rates: Using Expectancy-Value Theory to Compare Student Values and Faculty Supports



Katherine Goodman, Jean Hertzberg,

Tim Curran and Erin Austin

Visual Expertise in Fluid Flows: Uncovering a Link Between Conceptual and Perceptual Expertise



Fredy R. Rodríguez-Mejía, Elizabeth K.Briody, Ruth Rothstein and Edward J. Berger

*Implementing Grassroots Initiatives of Change: The Combined Perspectives from Psychology and Anthropology in an Engineering School



Eunsik Kim, Ling Rothrock and Andris Freivalds

The Impact of Gamification on the Motivation and Performance of Engineering Students Through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory




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