Vol 37 No. 1



Contributions in: PBL, Information Literacy, Project Management, Civic Mindedness,

Idea Generation, Simulation and Animation, Engineering Dynamics, Problem Solving,

Motivation, Neuroeducation, STEM, Diversity, Cooperative Learning, Accreditation,

Competencies, Manufacturing Engineering, Smart City, Disaster Prevention,

Life-Long Learning, Class Scheduling, Computer Engineering,

Lecture Delivery Methods



Ahmad Ibrahim




Davy D. Parmentier, Bram B. Van Acker,

Jan Detand and Jelle Saldien

Framework to Redesign Products with Focus on Design for Assembly Meaning: A PBL Case Study



Lisa B. Bosman, Kurt Paterson and

Margaret Phillips

*Integrating Online Discussions into Engineering Curriculum to Endorse Interdisciplinary Viewpoints, Promote Authentic Learning, and Improve Information Literacy



Luis Ballesteros-Sánchez, Isabel Ortiz-Marcos and Rocío Rodríguez-Rivero

*Investigating the Gap Between Engineering Graduates and Practicing Project Managers



Justin L. Hess, Athena Lin, Grant A. Fore,

Tom Hahn and Brandon Sorge

Testing the Civic-Minded Graduate Scale in Science and Engineering



Marwa Hassan Khalil

Idea Generating Techniques in Architectural Design Education: Exploring Students’ Perceptions



Ning Fang and Seyed Mohammad Tajvidi

*The Effects of Computer Simulation and Animation (CSA) on Student Learning and Problem Solving in Engineering Dynamics



Rachel McCord Ellestad and

Holly M. Matusovich

*Metacognitive Engagement During Problem Solving While in Naturalistic Homework Study Groups



Fermín Sánchez-Carracedo, Esther Trepat and Alejandra Barba-Vargas

Successful Engineering Lecturing based on Neuroscience



Desmond Bonner and Michael C. Dorneich

*Increasing Female Middle School Student Interest in STEM: Requirements for Game-Based Learning Applications



Walter C. Lee, Ben D. Lutz, Holly M. Matusovich and Sreyoshi Bhaduri

*Student Perceptions of Learning about Diversity and its Place in Engineering Classrooms in the United States



José Alberto Benítez-Andrades, Isaías García-Rodríguez, Carmen Benavides, María Mercedes Reguera-García and Pilar Marqués-Sánchez

Cooperative Work among Computer Engineering and Health Sciences Undergraduates: A Case Study



Muhammad Rashid

A Systematic Approach of Data Preparation for ABET Accreditation



Wen-Jye Shyr, Chia-Hung Chen, Yu-Xiang Wang, Chen-Liao Chen, Der-Fa Chen and Chieh-Lun Cheng

Establishing Competence Indicators to Guide Teaching Automotive Coating Techniques



Gregory Theyel, Allan Baez Morales, Evangelia Bouzos and Prashanth Asuri

Enhancing Senior Engineering Student Projects by Incorporating Needs Assessment, Manufacturing Engineering, and Pilot Testing



Mirjana Kranjac, Srdjan Tomic, Jakob Salom, Tatjana Ilic-Kosanovic, Damir Ilic and Stanko Bulajic

New Methodology of Teaching a Smart City Concept: A Case Study



Wen-Jye Shyr, I-Min Chen, Chun-Min Ho and Jing-Chuan Lee

Teaching Geophysics of Earthquakes and Building Structures for Disaster Prevention: A Case Study



Anne Wallisch, Juan Carlos Briede- Westermeyer and Marianela


Fostering User-Empathy Skills of Engineering Students by Collaborative Teaching



Fabrizio Vergine, Lucía Capdevila and

Nikos J. Mourtos

Assessing Students’ Ability to Develop a Systematic Approach to Learning



Sung-Hee Jin, Mina Yoo, Xuenan Cui and

Ji-Eun Choi

Impact of Class Scheduling on Learning Achievement of Computer Engineering Students



Jacek Uziak, M. Tunde Oladiran, Kurt Becker and Marian Gizejowski

Assessing Chalk & Talk and Power Point Presentation Techniques for Teaching Engineering Courses



Andrés Díaz Lantada and José L. Martín Núñez

*Strategies for Continuously Improving the Professional Development and Practice of Engineering Educators




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