Vol 38 No. 6





Special Issue

Clive L. Dym Mudd Design Workshop XII: Designing Through Making Sketches,

Drafting in Campus Facilities and Remotely


Guest Editor

Gordon G. Krauss – Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA




Ahmad Ibrahim

Guest Editorial

Gordon G. Krauss

The Key Ideas of MDW XII: A Summary

Gordon G. Krauss

* Iterating Overnight: Using Cardboard to Teach Audio During a Pandemic

Colin M. Gray, Christopher Wolford and Davin Huston

Student Perspectives of the Nature and Purpose of ‘‘Deep Modeling’’ as Situated Knowing

Robin S. Adams and Asem Aboelzahab

The Impact of Appropriate Prototyping Tool Choices on Achieving Functionality for Novices

Joshua D. Brandel, Andersen Chang and Matthew A. Wettergreen

*CAD as a Virtual Prototyping Method: Uses and Timing of Computer-Aided Design Artifacts in Hardware

Design Hannah Budinoff and Julia Kramer

*Engineering Students’ Performance of Prototyping: Process, Purpose, and Perception in the Design Classroom

Todd Fernandez and Martin Jacobson

Building Confidence and Embracing Failure Through Sketching Practice

Madhurima Das and Maria Yang

Student Perception of Construction Problems and their Process Design Strategies

Ali Shafaat and Farshid Marbouti

*Community-Engaged Learning, Prototypes and Requirement Development

William C. Oakes, Andrew Pierce, Jorge Martinez and Paul Leidig

*Designing a Design-Driven Human-Centered Engineering Program

Avneet Hira, Sunand Bhattacharya, Glenn Gaudette and Siddhartan Govindasamy

Understanding the Anchors Associated with Secondary School Students’ Engineering Design Experiences

Adam R. Carberry, Medha Dalal and Olushola Emiola-Owolabi

*Improving Engineering Sketching Education Through Perspective Techniques and an AI-Based Tutoring Platform

Morgan B. Weaver, Samantha Ray, Ethan Clark Hilton, Denis Dorozhkin, Kerrie Douglas, Tracy Hammond and Julie Linsey

*Predicting Success of Engineering Student Makers: Relationships Between Makerspace Involvement,

Academic Performance, and Engineering Design Self-Efficacy

Morgan B. Weaver, Ethan Hilton, Melissa W. Alemán, Robert Nagel and Julie Linsey

Experiences with Prototyping and Making in Virtual Classes

Reid Bailey, Bethany M. Brinkman, Greg C. Lewin and Matthew Shields

*A Small Rebellion: How to Catalyze Innovation Through Self Actualization

Ade Mabogunje, Larry Leifer and Phillip Wickham

*Semantic Fluency in Design Reasoning

Jenny Quintana-Cifuentes and Senay Purzer

*The SmithVent Experience and a Framework for Collaborative Distributed Design and Fabrication

Susannah Howe, Eleanor Ory, Devin Carroll, Sarah Chu, Kalifa Clarke, Beatrix Dalton, Claire Dudek, Adrienne Horne,

Nicholas Howe, Sangye Kazi, Astrid Landeau, Dan Lin, Phoebe Degroot, Emily Dixon, Farida Sabry and Alex Widstrand

Using Practitioner Strategies to Support Engineering Students’ Intentional Use of Prototypes for Stakeholder Engagement During Front-End Design

Ilka B. Rodriguez-Calero, Shanna R. Daly, Grace Burleson, Marianna Coulentianos and Kathleen H. Sienko

*Cultural Influence on Providing Peer Feedback in an Engineering Design Course

Gordon G. Krauss


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