The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 7, Number 1 1991




M. S. Wald
W. M. Jordan
Academic misconduct: A student perspective
A. S. Blicblau
The modern engineering curriculum in materials
R. E. Brown and J. G. Wilson
A survey of operations research techniques used in U.S. Army research
A. G. Greenwood
Enhancing the coverage of simulation in the introductory MS/OR course: Needs, problems, and solution
J. E. Holt and D. F. Radcliffe
Some perspectives for integrating computers into design courses
H. L. Owen
Integrating design projects in electrical engineering curriculum: Case study in an undergraduate computer engineering laboratory
C. Umeagukwu and M. Chouchane
Microcomputers in the mechanical engineering microprocessor laboratory at Georgia Tech-part II
B. K. Hodge
Process path for simple mass addition in one-dimensional compressible flow
B. K. Hodge
Generalized one-dimensional compressible flow techniques
R. Y. Chen and R. J. Chen
An iterative method in one-dimensional compressible flow
E. Mahajerin
Computer implementation of the state variables method
A. K. Goel and M. D. Cobb
Innovative analysis of semiconductor junctions using a personal computer
Z. Liang and C. J. Quinn
Using CAD software to analyze spatial mechanisms