The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 8, Number 6 1992





M S.Wald


Engineering Education World

W. E.Jenkins

Personal View: Achieving Technical Excellence

W. Addis

Engineering History and the Formation of Design Engineers

F.K. Tsou, D. H. Thomas and S. Carmi

An Enhanced engineering program for freshmen and Sophomores

T. F. Leibfried Jr and R. B. MacDonald

Where is Software Engineering in the Technical Spectrum?

J. J. Kim

A Framework of an Integrated Knowledge Based System for Academic Advising


Ground Rules for Good Practice in Developing Laboratories


Student Written Engineering Cases

M. Rao

A Graduate Course on Intelligence Engineering

D. McK. Fraser

An lntegrated Foundation Course in Chemical Engineering

D. A. Smith, R. G.  Jacqout and D. L. Whitman

Digital Simulation of Dynamic Machinery Systems

L. Penner,   V. Cheung and R. Han

Computer-Aided Linkage synthesis (CALS) for Planar Mechanisms

G. Akhras

Teaching Computing with a New Tool: Computational Recipes




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