The International Journal of

Engineering Education

Volume 9, Number 6 - 1993



M. S. Wald


Engineering Education World

M. Yhdego

Personal View: Engineering Education in Eritrea - Proposals for a College of Engineering

F.L. Solomon and J.E. Holt

On the Nature of Mechanical engineering Work: An Analysis of Practice

K.T Ooi

A Technical Note on Optimum Inter-Stage Pressure and Specific Work Input for Multi-Stage Reciprocating Air Compressors


Finite Element Methods in Mechanical Engineering Education

S. C. M.Yu and L. P. Chua

Construction of a Smoke-wire Rig for Visualization of Complex Three-Dimensional Flow

J. Murin,. M. Macaj and R. Benkovic

Programs for Computer-aided Learning in Elaslostatics: BEAM-Planc Bending of Beams, and Quadratic Moments of Cross-Sections

G. Bengu

Computer-aided Education and Manufacturing Systems with Simulation and Animation tools


A Petroleum Refining Course in Chemical Engineering

engineering case

Tape Recorder Capstan Shaft at Ampex Corporation